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-New Andromod T-shirt has surfaced showing the Android robot peeing on Apple’s classic apple icon. Get yours while you can.

-Beware of the apps you download, as it was recently found that a wallpaper app secretly sent all your personal information to China.

-Google could make around More »

Without a contract - and Canadian contracts are incomparably unreasonable at 36-months long - the Samsung Galaxy S Vibrant will likely be sold for $599 CDN, which is the retail value given in Bell’s terms and conditions of its daily giveaway. More »

Along with Bell, which is releasing the Galaxy S in July, Rogers is making the ubiquitous Samsung super-smartphone available to Canadians. More »

When Samsung announced that its flagship Android smartphone, the Galaxy S, was arriving to every major American carrier, few were surprised at the unprecedented move. Most Android smartphones up until then had been relegated to one or two carriers. The Galaxy S is a smashing winner in homeland South Korea, selling over 300,000 units so far. Most prognosticators expect the world’s most powerful Android to hit it big in America (and Canada) too, but which version will come out on top? The Verizon Fascinate will be king because it is on the largest network with the best reputation, right? Not necessarily. More »

Generic versions of the Samsung Galaxy S and the T-Mobile Vibrant have been rooted, and unlike the latest HTC phones like the Incredible, gaining right access to the Samsung is an easy, breezy task. More »

Most of you could care less what South Koreans are getting, but many North Americans will buy some version of the Samsung Galaxy S, which is hitting every carrier under the sky. An early August FroYo update for the Korean Galaxy S should mean that its carbon copies worldwide will receive the same treatment shortly thereafter. More »

T-Mobile’s iteration of the Samsung Galaxy S is launching on the same day as Verizon’s Droid X, but viewers can have a look at the Vibrant’s packaging right now. More »

Samsung is solidifying its spot as the second largest cell phone maker in the world. During the Galaxy S’s first 10 days in South Korea, Samsung has sold over 200,000 units of its Super-AMOLED, Hummingbird smartphone. More »

Bearing the same name as the T-Mobile version, Bell’s Vibrant is Canada’s crack at the Samsung Galaxy S, which, at this rate, will reach every carrier in the world, though Bell seems to be saying that the phone is and exclusive. More »

At Samsung’s Galaxy event, where all Galaxy S models for the four main American carriers were unveiled, Verizon’s version got photographed for the first time. As expected, Samsung also announced that all Galaxy S makes will be upgraded to FroYo, although no time frame was given. More »

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