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-Seems like Google’s new ad has revealed a potential June launch for AT&T’s Sony Xperia Ion?

-The HTC One V will be coming to the US this summer. More »

-Google is said to be developing a new home entertainment system, what do you think of the idea?

-Some Android updates take forever to arrive, and Motorola has something to say about that, implying that it’s mainly because of Google. More »

We have a great news for those in Canada, as Samsung Galaxy SII ‘Hercules will make its way to Telus soon. A picture of this unannounced device was recently snapped at a VIP event at the Samsung Mobile concert in Toronto. More »

The HTC ChaCha has still not been released by any U.S phone carriers, but it is confirmed that it will be released by Telus in Canada and will go by the name of the HTC Status. No price or launch date has been set as of now but when it does come out, it will be available in purple and black. It also comes with Android 2.3 and the Facebook app which is what it got it’s name from. More »

Telus has given its customers in Canada some good news. It seems like the Canadian phone carrier will have the HTC ChaCha on its network, as can be see in the picture above. Unfortunately, Telus hasn’t revealed how much or when the phone will be available. Rumors point to a mid-August launch, perhaps as part of the back-to-school events that will be taking place. It will also run on Android 2.3.3. More »

Not long after Virgin Mobile snatched North America’s debut of the HTC Legend, another Canadian GSM carrier has received the coveted aluminum unibody smartphone. Bell Mobility is selling the Legend for $79.95 with a 3-year contract or $399.95 CDN out the door, commitment free. Canada 2, USA zero. More »

Canada’s biggest CDMA carrier, Telus is reportedly getting the HTC Desire, which the company has relabeled the “Triumph.” Telus’ countdown timer to a major June 8th (which is, incidentally, one day after Steve Jobs‘ expected iPhone 4G/HD keynote) “Unleashing” could very well be for what would be the nation’s best domestic Android 2.1 smartphone. More »

Mobile Syrup is reporting that Telus Canada has snagged the HTC Desire and has rebranded it as the Triumph. US Cellular is releasing the Desire in July, so the likelihood of a similar Canadian launch is high. More »

In my estimation, the prettiest Android smartphone on the planet, the aluminum unibody HTC Legend has passed through the FCC’s procedural and is going to Canadian GSM carriers: either Rogers or Bell Mobility. For Americans, AT&T has scored the Legend. More »

Telus and Motorola have stepped up and fulfilled their promise quickly. The Milestone/Droid Android 2.1 download can now be obtained online, although the update is not over-the-air. Maybe other Canadian Android smartphones will soon follow suit and get with the program. More »

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