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Samsung’s appropriation of its Super-AMOLED screens can be explained by the number of Galaxy S launches worldwide. Now, there might be one more reason for the shortage: in September, the Korean electronics mega corporation is supposedly going to release a BlackBerry challenger with FroYo, a full QWERTY keypad, 3-inch Super-AMOLED display, and the same Hummingbird CPU found in the bigger Galaxy. More »

Whether it is only T-Mobile Europe or also USA is uncertain, but this alleged spy shot of the HTC Vision has it branded for T-Mobile, which will reportedly rename it the G1 Blaze. More »

Fashionably late but still on time for back to school marketing, the Motorola Charm is launching on August 25th in “Cabernet” and “Golden-Bronze” colors for T-Mobile. Pricing is still free with contract. More »

Motorola hardly tried to keep its social networking smartphone, the Charm, a secret, so today’s announcement that it is coming to T-Mobile surprises no one. Built on Android 2.1 with an “enhanced” version of Motoblur, the Charm is noted as Adobe Flash enabled. More »

T-Mobile specialist TMO News has the first real look at what I consider to be an interesting smartphone because of its free with contract pricing and unconventional layout, having a 4-row QWERTY keypad that is not a slider. Apparently, based on the limited page hits to Motorola Charm/Basil posts, I gather that few people are as intrigued as I am. More »

A Croatian seller is offering, for 4,000 KN, an unreleased HTC smartphone believed to be the Vision, which is a QWERTY slider, Android 2.1 handset with some pretty potent hardware specs. More »

From Ziggytek: Yesterday, the upcoming Android 2.1 QWERTY smartphone Motorola Charm showed up on an internal screen capture as listing for $269.99 outright and $74.99 with contract. The latter price made no sense to me. It seems like I had reason to be baffled because a new T-Mobile poster indicates that the Charm will be free with a 2-year term. More »

The Motorola Charm (or Basil) is an intriguing smartphone because it is the only 4:3 aspect ratio Android unit with a full QWERTY keypad that is non-slide-out. Another reason why the 2.1 Eclair Charm could be interesting, especially to youths, is that it might be sold for an extremely low $269.99 outright. More »

Originally leaked as the Galaxy Pro S, the Samsung Epic 4G has been officially announced by Sprint. With a QWERTY keypad, the Epic is a logical alternative to the hot HTC Evo 4G. More »

Motorola’s unique Flipout is seemingly destined for AT&T, according to an anonymous tip sent to Android Central. AT&T is loading up on Android smartphones even as the iPhone 4 madness goes on. More »

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