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You probably aren’t quite aware of this when you bought the phone you’re using and happily uploaded all those images, but apparently, Android OS - and basically all the operating systems out there (yes, including iOS) - all have the ability to access locally stored photos on your devices. Hmm. More »

-A Playbook user but is in love with Android apps? Crackberry here tells you and your BB friends exactly how to get those apps - AND the market - onto your beloved tablet.

-Some leaked Ice Cream Sandwich builds have been seen on the Samsung Galaxy S II, and some can definitely be expected in the official ones. More »

-Motorola is already up to some new project for Xoom. Stay tuned for more updates!

-If you’re looking for some new games for your Android baby, here are 31 of the best released Android games for these past two weeks. More »

- Curious about the HTC Desire? Here’s a short guide on the things you need to know about it.

- Running Android on a PC is possible and you can learn how to DIY!

- Moto Cliq 2.1 has been spotted in the wild by the Android fan community!

- Names for future HTC phones seem to be more music-influenced than anything — HTC Salsa, HTC Tango and HTC Maestro to name a few.

- Playstation fans rejoice! A Playstation emulator has been released into the Android market! More »

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