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From Ziggytek: Foxconn demoed its 8.9-inch Tegra 2 slate in May. Is this the 10-inch version or the same model? Whatever the case, here is a look at its progression towards the assembly line. More »

Rogers and Acer have teamed up to break from a painful (to the consumer) tradition, which stipulates that all powerful smartphones must sell for over $500. The Acer Liquid E is a Snapdragon CPU, Android 2.1 Eclair powered unit that has a delicious high-resolution (800×480) 3.5″ LCD and sells for only $424.99 outright or $49.99 with a standard 3-year Canadian contract. More »

Canada’s biggest CDMA carrier, Telus is reportedly getting the HTC Desire, which the company has relabeled the “Triumph.” Telus’ countdown timer to a major June 8th (which is, incidentally, one day after Steve Jobs‘ expected iPhone 4G/HD keynote) “Unleashing” could very well be for what would be the nation’s best domestic Android 2.1 smartphone. More »

Mobile Syrup is reporting that Telus Canada has snagged the HTC Desire and has rebranded it as the Triumph. US Cellular is releasing the Desire in July, so the likelihood of a similar Canadian launch is high. More »

The Nexus One for Europe, as I tend to think of the HTC Desire, is landing on US Cellular in July, but it is being packed with an 8Gb microSD card instead of the 16Gb of some other markets. More »

Google’s Nexus One and Motorola’s Droid have enabled multi-touch for months now, but they fare far worse than the iPhone in this regard. The main reason for the sub-par multi-touch performance of the Nexus One and the Droid is that they both use Synaptics ClearPad 2000 sensors that are not designed for multi-touch. Reviewers are thrilled with the Droid Incredible’s multi-touch accuracy and with good reason –reportedly, HTC has incorporated true multi-touch sensors from Atmel for the Droid Incredible and the incoming Sprint Evo 4G. More »

Formerly known as the “Bravo,” the Desire was publicly demonstrated by HTC, and it is a wonder. Technically almost identical to the Nexus One, the Desire, with its 3.7″ AMOLED (800 x480) display and 1GHz Snapdragon processor will be available in Europe around Q2. More »

Best Buy is now taking pre-orders for the Motorola Milestone, which is slated to ship on the 18th. You can put a deposit of $50 for the phone today. Motorola did not let the Nexus One’s multi-touch update go unchallenged, as the Droid has received an over-the-air multi-touch update of its own. More »

Finally, what all Apple iPhone users expect as a standard feature becomes available for the Nexus One. Google enabled its over-the-air multi-touch update for its smartphone today, along with a few fixes and a newer version of the indispensable Google Maps. More »

Pundits are suggesting that the Bravo is going to be part of HTC’s unveiling during the Mobile World Conference on February 15th. The Legend is all but officially set to replace HTC’s Hero, while the Bravo is virtually a Nexus One clone. Today, a photo of the smartphone was leaked. More »

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