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Dell has published the prices for two of its most interesting smartphones. The mammoth 5-inch Streak is going to be $299.99 with AT&T contract or $549.99 outright, while the mid-range 3.5-inch Aero will be $99.99 with agreement and a low $299.99 without. The page on which Dell spilled this information has been deleted, but the Aero will definitely launch August 9th. More »

Just out in the UK via O2, the Dell Streak was rooted yesterday. More »

From Ziggytek: Dell’s stance on the Streak is that it “is a data device first and a voice device second.” The UK will be the first nation to receive the slate Android smartphone, followed by continental Europe and then rest of the globe before the conclusion of summer. Dell is positioning the Streak to be more than a smartphone but small enough to go where the iPad cannot. Do you buy it? More »

Android Central has acquired Dell’s roadmap for all of its Android devices: the 11″ Athens netbook and the 11″ Sparta tablet are scheduled for Q3-Q4. More »

French Evigroup’s Wallet, a 5″ Android tablet, was supposed to have been available last month, and that was after an initial month long delay, so where is it? More »

At one time, Dell’s Mini 5 was thought to be just another tablet netbook, but last week, it was confirmed to be the world’s largest smartphone. With a 5 inch LCD, the Mini 5 is rumored to be a T-Mobile and an AT&T Android 2.0 (or 2.1 or above) phone that - all options included - could sell for upwards of $1,000. More »

Weeks prior to Apple’s iPad unveiling, Android tablets had been shown prominently at CES in early January. The tablet makers were MSI, Notion Ink, ICD, and Compal. Dell, Quanta, and Archos also have their own machines on the way. More »

Dell’s tardy entrance to the Android parade has not gone unnoticed. Rumored for sometime, the Mini 5 tablet “will be out in a couple of months,” says Michael Dell, as he demos the device in the frigorific winter air. More »

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