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If you’re a manga lover, today’s app, MangaWhat, is designed just for you. The app is one of the best and most convenient ways to read your favorite online manga series on your Android devices! More »

eBooks may be a little cheaper than actual physical copies, but sometimes you don’t even want to own the book just yet, and just want to enjoy a nice little read. But the feeling of paying just shoos the book away. Well, problem solved. The Amazon Kindle Lending Library is now open! More »

Could Amazon be adding a load of digital magazines to their collection in anticipation of their new Android tablet launch? Well it does look this way, according to a website called ‘Beyond Black Friday’ the online megastore seems to be offering the latest thing: Kindle versions of magazines! More »

From Ziggytek: Borders will be cutting its prices on all of the e-Readers that they offer, in order to contend against the competition, the Amazon Kindle and the Barnes & Nobel NOOK. More »

A somewhat different take on the e-reader, Spring Design’s Alex is a handheld that operates Android with a 3.5” color LCD touchscreen (for browsing and graphics) and a 6” EPD screen for text. More »

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