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-Seems like Google’s new ad has revealed a potential June launch for AT&T’s Sony Xperia Ion?

-The HTC One V will be coming to the US this summer. More »

Despite that Ice Cream Sandwich is currently rolling out everywhere, Motorola has just brought out Gingerbread for its Motorola Cliq 2. More »

So yeah, yay! Those that had doubted T-Mobile’s sincerity on giving you HTC Sensation 4G users your fair share of Ice Cream Sandwich should be pretty relaxed now. The carrier has just posted on their blog that the testing for the Android 4.0 update has finished and the update will be rolling soon. More »

-The Ice Cream Sandwich build 3.13.605.7 has been leaked for the HTC Rezound.

-The release date of the EVO 4G LTE is pretty much set for May 18th. More »

If you live in Hong Kong and really want some decent smartphone in your hands? Well, good news, because Taiwanese online retailer ePrice has reported to have seen the Sony Xperia Sola in your city, with a $3,000 HKD price tag (around $387). More »

For all this time, all we actually knew about the Sony Hayabusa was pretty much that it will be launching in July, and that it’s probably one of the most high-range devices Sony will be releasing for its 2012 lineup. However, BriefMobile has managed to report about some rumored specs that are totally worth checking out. More »

Virgin Mobile and Boost Mobile have just proved to its customers that prepaid carriers can also get high end devices for a company big as HTC, with the two of them getting the EVO V 4G and EVO Design 4G respectively, with the latter arriving with Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich. More »

-The very kind Acer has brought its A500 owners the delicious Ice Cream Sandwich, while they also released an app in the Google Play store to help make sure all goes without a hitch! More »

After the kind Taiwanese company HTC started offering their Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich updates for a whole whack of different phones, our friends from Sony had also followed to footsteps ever since their announcements back in March, and their own rollout of the newest OS update seems to have arrived. More »

Let’s face it: Your Android phone might not be standing at the top of the line right now. But honestly, it’s not your fault, or Google’s, or HTC and Samsung and LG and Motorola’s. Well, the companies may have been speeding up purr-tty fast in terms of developing new phones and all that, and we do blame them for us dumping our piggy banks on the handsets that keep arriving like there’s no tomorrow. But the thing is, if the newest device is out of your reach, you might as well embrace the one that is. More »