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-If you need some kind of protection for your Amazon Kindle Fire, the Seidio ACTIVE Case with Multi-Purpose Cover is now at a good deal.

-Samsung Galaxy Nexus has just met a big price cut from Costco, and is now only $219.99 with a two-year contract, but only for a limited time! More »

-The newest update for Google Docs for Android now adds the feature for users to view their files offline!

-Samsung has been busy putting together their Super Bowl ad, and in the meantime, they’ve released a teaser! Check it out. More »

-ASUS has made an official promise that they will bring a fix to the Transformer Prime lockups as early as February, which really is just a few weeks’ wait…or maybe less.

-If you’re looking for a case for your Galaxy Nexus, here’s a handy review of the Ringke Slim if you’re interested. More »

-Rumors say that the highly-anticipated Samsung Galaxy III might miss out on the Mobile World Congress. Thoughts? is currently offering the LG Spectrum on sale for only $80 with a contract. Compare to its original price, that’s an amazing deal. More »

-Google is currently in the midst of changing and updating their privacy policies, which will be in act on March 1st.

-The Acer A510 tablet will be hitting Europe in April, with the price of 500 euros. Too much or not? More »

-Recent study shows that US Android users prefer Samsung over other Android brands. Do you?

-A new Siri clone, Evi, has just arrived in the Android Market earlier today, and it’s totally worth checking out. More »

-Care for some Ice Cream Sandwich on your Windows 7 desktop? Here’s a tutorial on how.

-Motorola is currently looking for software testers that own a Photon 4G. Think you qualify? Sign up here. More »

-In the new Galaxy S II TV ad, iOS users get “Samsunged”. What’s your opinion on the ad?

-Apple is now busy filing yet another lawsuit, this time targeting towards the lockscreen feature on the Galaxy Nexus. More »

-Even though it was expected to launch on January 15th, the Acer Iconia Tab A200 has finally arrived in Best Buy stores at last!

-LG Optimus Net Dual SIM is now available in India, running on Android 2.3. More »

-Sprint has just announced about some OTA updates for some 4G devices including the EVO 4G, Epic 4G, and the EVO Design 4G!

-Google says that they will keep on investing Google Wallet, despite it existing on only one device. More »



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