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Gameloft has introduced its new in-game voice chat feature for multiple games at the recent CES 2012. Popular street racer game Asphalt 6 will be the first to be provided with this feature, which will be brought over Verizon’s 4G LTE network. More »

- Watch the latest Droid X commercial? If you’ve watched carefully, you would’ve been able to see a code that takes you to a secret Droid X page with a secret message.

- According to Steve Jobs, it isn’t just the iPhone 4 that has the antenna problem — Android phones have it too.

- When the coverage bars on your phone aren’t enough, the Antennas app will give you detailed information about coverage…right down to the location of the nearest signal towers.

- 8.5 million phones are expected to be shipped from HTC in Q4, thanks to 6 new phones.

- Great news for Android games fans! Gameloft is offering Let’s Golf HD for free to HTC Evo and Nexus One owners. More »

From Wirebot:

Are tired of all the bragging your iPhone-using friends do over all the amazing games they have available to them through the App Store? Today that bragging stops, well not really, I mean the App Store does have like 1 trillion Apps, but at least you can retort with, “ Yes, that is cool! I also have Hero of Sparta on my Android!” More »

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