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The Ice Cream Sandwich we have been expecting finally has an exact date of arrival! T-Mobile has just announced through Twitter that the update will be available June 11th. More »

After some intense waiting and crossing fingers, we finally got the list of Samsung’s Ice Cream Sandwich update for its T-Mobile lineup. More »

It’s seriously about time the phone has branched out to this. More »

-HTC has mentioned about expecting less QWERTY smartphones in the future. What’s your thought on that? More »

Samsung has finally begun rolling out the Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich update to the Galaxy S II smartphone. Last week the company denies the update just after confirming it, but now it has really been spreading out to many owners. More »

Samsung has been confusing Galaxy S II owners as it has denied the incoming Ice Cream Sandwich update just after another part of the company said it would come on March 10. Many people are waiting for the update, especially since Samsung promised it back in December last year. More »

For those of you that weren’t a fan of the pink Samsung Galaxy S II and wanted a more un-pink color of some sort, Samsung might just have something for you - the Bobbi Brown version of the device. More »

-Sony Ericsson Xperia NX is now officially launched in Japan under their biggest carrier, NTT Docomo.

-Samsung now offers a Bobbi Brown version Galaxy S II...along with a matching makeup kit. Who wants one? More »

We all love the Samsung Galaxy S II. And Samsung is quite aware of that. Because of that, the Galaxy S II V2 has recently been seen in Germany, with a price tag of €469.90. More »

Despite Samsung trying to push out its Galaxy Note with their fail Super Bowl ad and all, the “next big thing” still quite remains to be the Samsung Galaxy S III. Korea’s Electronic Times News has just revealed more juicy facts earlier, including launch date as well as specs. More »

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