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Google has recently announced that it is now offering accessories for its Nexus device on the Google Play Store in the US. Users will be able to purchase hardware docks such as the Desktop Dock, HDMI Portrait Desktop Dock, Vehicle Dock, and more. More »

If you have just gotten a Galaxy Nexus but really want the hot, new Samsung Galaxy S III, perhaps installing the S III elements to your phone may not be a bad idea, since XDA has already created the convenient add-on pack. More »

The nice big Samsung Galaxy Nexus for Verizon has finally received the Android 4.0.4 update by now, and the official update support page does seem to offer the delicious Ice Cream Sandwich we looked for. More »

Good news to our frustrated friends with Samsung Galaxy Nexus. It seems like Verizon is close to finishing up creating their software update to solve the many problems you guys have been having with the Galaxy Nexus, and the update will soon be opened up to the public. More »

Let’s face it: Your Android phone might not be standing at the top of the line right now. But honestly, it’s not your fault, or Google’s, or HTC and Samsung and LG and Motorola’s. Well, the companies may have been speeding up purr-tty fast in terms of developing new phones and all that, and we do blame them for us dumping our piggy banks on the handsets that keep arriving like there’s no tomorrow. But the thing is, if the newest device is out of your reach, you might as well embrace the one that is. More »

-Details for the ASUS Transformer Pad TF300 regarding availability and pricing have been revealed! More »

Here’s something real nice that I’m pretty sure all of you will be pretty pleasant to hear about…especially if you are one of the SUPER lucky fans that got their Samsung Galaxy Nexus ahead of the official release. More »

-LG has announced the fact that they might be releasing a ‚Äúthinking smartphone”. More »

While we are all having our fingers crossed all this while, a recently surfaced photo has almost brought our hope for a White Galaxy Nexus over the top. Looks like Verizon may be putting up the white version of the sick Samsung device soon! More »

From Ziggytek:

This amazing-looking, officially-branded Galaxy Nexus accessory has finally jumped out of our dreams and become reality. The new landscape dock for one of our favorite Samsung devices has arrived on shelves! More »

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