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Although the Dell Streak 7 is practically rejected by the market now, Dell still doesn’t give up on getting the device decent for the original owners. Therefore, thanks to a very early of Ice Cream Sandwich build, Streak 7 users may actually have an Android 4.0 experience with their tablets. More »

Even being ignored and ditched and all, the Dell Streak 7 tablet still got a nice update that lagged for who-knows-how-long. But it has arrived at last. More »

As we all know, Dell has recently just abandoned the Streak 7, and is believed to move towards more Windows tablets. Though, Lenovo has made no sign of lagging as they have made their statement of hitting Android tablets soon. More »

-The battle between Apple and Samsung continues as Apple attempts to ban Samsung devices in the U.S. - but this time, the court is on the Korean giant’s side, for which all requests are denied.

-Samsung has just announced about their new flip phone SCH-W999 - but don’t underestimate it, for it carries some nice specs and sleek design. More »

-Here is a simple tutorial on how to share the internet connection of your Honeycomb tablets with your other devices.

-HTC has spent a ton for the Dr. Dre’s “Beats” to stick to the name of Android. Does that create new appeal to you music lovers out there? More »

Dell’s newest 10-inch tablet, which was codenamed Dell “Gallo”, seems to have gotten its official name: “Dell Streak Pro”. It still sounds like an awesome name to us! Along with the official name comes some specs that will sure delight consumers! More »

Surprise, surprise. Seems that new information regarding Dell’s newest Android and Windows tablets has been leaked, not that it’s really a surprise. More »

Information technology company Dell are currently offering a limited-time promotion for the Motorola DROID X, the promotion being a $25 Dell gift voucher free with the Android purchase. Keep in mind, only consumers that buy it online will be allowed to get the gift card. More »

When you sign with Dell’s two year contract, whether a new or upgrading consumer, you can get the Droid Incredible absolutely free of price! Can it get any better than that? Apparently so. In this “purchase” they will also be throwing in a $25 Dell gift card to spend with however you like, not to mention the activation and shipping will come at no expense to you. More »

Dell’s CEO Michael Dell has recently announced that they will be releasing a new 7-inch Android-powered tablet PC. There’s not much information about the device, as the company is still working on it and the CEO refused to reveal any further, but apparently it will be launched at CES 2011. More »

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