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-New Andromod T-shirt has surfaced showing the Android robot peeing on Apple’s classic apple icon. Get yours while you can.

-Beware of the apps you download, as it was recently found that a wallpaper app secretly sent all your personal information to China.

-Google could make around More »

The critically acclaimed Kick Ass failed to draw huge audiences at the box office, but based on the nature of the film’s hard R rating for insane violence and vulgarity, it was never made to be Titanic. When Lionsgate drops the Blu-Ray on August 3rd, iPhone and Android owners will get a special bonus. More »

Google’s new OpenSpot application for Android just made life a whole lot easier by helping you find parking spots. For those of you who drive in a city, remember how hard it is to find a parking space? I can’t drive yet, but trust me, the number of times my dad has had to circle around the neighborhood looking for a free parking space is too many to count (try every Saturday in Flushing, Queens). More »

-Ever wanted to code applications but never had the knowledge to? No worries, Google just released an App Inventor for Android.

-Shhh, you didn’t hear this from me, but there’s been words of an HTC Ace. Say hello to better features than ever, but remember, this is just a rumour. More »

Ever heard of Trillian? For those of you who haven’t, it’s only your average multi-client instant messaging program. In human speech, it’s all your instant messaging needs combined into one. More »

Digg is going through dramatic changes. TapTapTap has a Digg application for the iPhone/iPad/iTouch. Now, Digg is developing an Android app to facilitate smartphone Digging habits. More »

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