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Verizon is expected to be carrying tablets in the near future, and its close relationship with Motorola leads to speculation that Motorola’s 10-inch tablet could be headed to the CDMA carrier as an opponent for AT&T’s iPad. One fresh report suggests that Motorola’s slate will be launched with Android 3.0 Gingerbread in November. More »

Yesterday, the Nokia X6 and 5230 running the Android OS were seen on an ad in a window display on Oxford Street, London. Can you believe your eyes? We all thought Nokia had made very clear statements that we don’t have to expect any Android phones from Finland in the upcoming years! More »

Samsung’s appropriation of its Super-AMOLED screens can be explained by the number of Galaxy S launches worldwide. Now, there might be one more reason for the shortage: in September, the Korean electronics mega corporation is supposedly going to release a BlackBerry challenger with FroYo, a full QWERTY keypad, 3-inch Super-AMOLED display, and the same Hummingbird CPU found in the bigger Galaxy. More »

We are no strangers to inexpensive tablets from the Far East, but US retailer Kmart is among the first to introduce consumers to an affordable iPad alternative. For $149.99 (though not yet in stock), the GENTOUCH tablet looks pretty spicy. More »

Whether it is only T-Mobile Europe or also USA is uncertain, but this alleged spy shot of the HTC Vision has it branded for T-Mobile, which will reportedly rename it the G1 Blaze. More »

- Curious about the HTC Desire? Here’s a short guide on the things you need to know about it.

- Running Android on a PC is possible and you can learn how to DIY!

- Moto Cliq 2.1 has been spotted in the wild by the Android fan community!

- Names for future HTC phones seem to be more music-influenced than anything — HTC Salsa, HTC Tango and HTC Maestro to name a few.

- Playstation fans rejoice! A Playstation emulator has been released into the Android market! More »

Until August 23rd, the day that the Samsung Galaxy S launches, Bell is giving away one free Vibrant to a fortuitous Canadian. More »

- Ever wonder how Android app developers make such cool looking apps? They’re probably using an Android stencil kit.

- According to Google’s Tim Bray on the Android Developers blog, the Android app consumers will soon experience more payment options in the Android market.

- Gizmodo’s put out a guide on how to be an Android power user — Head here to see if you’re an Android power user.

- Finally, an Android vs. Apple t-shirt exists!

- NFL fan? You might enjoy Verizon’s revamped NFL app! More »

Motorola’s Devour, the silvery brick…I mean, Android smartphone that is a cheaper (but arguably better looking) Droid has finally been rooted. Using Birdman’s recent Droid X exploit, user “bitswitch” at Android Central has gained access to the root directory. More »

In a cheeky and indirect shot at Apple’s iPhone 4 antenna woes, Samsung has taken out a newspaper advertisement whose text replaces the two “l” letters of the word “hello” with 4 bars, signifying that the Galaxy S‘ reception is trouble free. More »