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If you’re looking or planning to buy a mobile phone, here’s the perfect opportunity to do so! Yesterday, Amazon Wireless commenced a 1 cent sale on all AT&T Android phones and some Win Phone 7. More »

It seems as if we are just hearing success after success for the Android platform and this news will probably come as no surprise to most of you out there. The figures for the third quarter of 2010 have been released and when comparing those figures to those of 2009, we can safely say that Android has increased by 628% from last year’s third quarter. More »

Japanese mobile operator NTT DOCOMO are releasing a hoard of 28 new mobile phones on their network. Out of this range, three will be powered on Android. There are plenty of shiny hardware specifications to gawp over. More »

Surpassing iPhone’s sales, Android continues its success, according to the latest market research by NPD. In the third quarter of this year, Android is reported to be installed on 44% of smartphones sold in the US, while iPhone on 23% of smartphones, followed by RIM’s Blackberry with 22%. More »

This photo was found whilst a user was strolling through Digg and shows how users of the iPhone, BlackBerry and Android view themselves as well as what the other two parties think they look like. More »

-Twitter fanatics, rejoice as Twitter for Android has been upgraded to 1.0.3. All those bugs are now no more.

-All Samsung Galaxy S phones use Gorilla glass displays, so go ahead and drop them to your heart’s content (although you know, just cause the outside isn’t scratched doesn’t mean the inside isn’t broken).

-New Yorkers, listen up. DLP Mobile has released a Next Train NYC Android app, for subway schedulings on the go (and NYC trivia for when you’re on that train). More »

-Come mid-September, HTC is expected to release their latest models, Vision and Ace, in London. Those lucky Brits.

-What’s different with the Samsung Galaxy U? Loads. Check out this link for all its specifications, revealed.

-The HTC Wildfire is flaming hot, especially in red. More »

-According to a report from DigiTimes, Android device shipment worldwide might pass 55 million. Whew, that’s a lot of phones.

-Rumor has it that the new Motorola Android tablet will be christened the Stringray. Let’s just hope the price doesn’t sting as well.

-An HTC Desire HD has popped its head into and out of Amazon UK. Whether it was real or not, we don’t know, but it sure has the HTC community in a frenzy. More »

Paypal is reportedly negotiating with Google to add its payment method onto Android’s app store. Current Android smartphone users can pay their fees either through Google Checkout or via carrier billing (credit card). However, no one can deny that the king of all efficient payments is Paypal–and it looks like Google’s trying to get a part of that as well. More »

-New Andromod T-shirt has surfaced showing the Android robot peeing on Apple’s classic apple icon. Get yours while you can.

-Beware of the apps you download, as it was recently found that a wallpaper app secretly sent all your personal information to China.

-Google could make around More »