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In the latest phone accessory trend, the lovable Android mascot has been shrunken down for you to carry on your phone. With most smartphones nowadays, the headphone jack is usually left uncovered when not in use. This is where Droid-kun comes in as a headphone jack accessory to plug it up cutely when you don’t need it. More »

From Ziggytek: We all know how there are “blue state/red state” divisions in America, but recently a map showing a “North vs. South divide” in the battle between Android and iOS (or better known as Apple) phones. More »

Android devices have proven to be one hot commodity. After all, Android devices rank supreme in the mobile market and it’s no surprise, given how awesome this OS is. Android is looking to keeping its smoking hot streak alive throughout the summer, so check out some of the hottest Android devices for the summer! More »

Geniatech is offering the first Android-embedded set-top system for HDTVs. The company says that as well as offering full 1080p high definition video decoding, its Android TV can also act as a digital media player, digital photo frame, game console and internet browsing platform. More »

Does it feel like your Android phone isn’t working fast enough? Here’s a Youtube video showing you how to get it working faster in just 7 steps! More »

Both Android and iOS are loved by many, but Android has plenty of amazing apps and features that Apple doesn’t. Be sure to check out these top Android features not found on any Apple device! More »

Phones nowadays, especially those smartphones, can be pretty pricey. And to compensate for the price, people will go for the phones that don’t cost as much. But that means getting sub-par updates and not the hottest performance. And we mean those pretty good sub-$100 Android phones. More »

Android has been so popular that even the Army wants specially-designed battle phones on Android for its soldiers. A nonprofit by the name of MITRE is in the process of developing a prototype and is currently codenamed Joint Battle Command-Platform. This platform is designed with a military purpose in mind. More »

Tired of the standard iPhone operating system? Now you can get the best of both worlds by installing the Android OS onto your iPhone thanks to lifehacker! More »

All I seem to hear is success story after success story for Android. Therefore, it should not come as a surprise to anybody that Android’s demand for developers have been increasing day by day- so much so that it has increased by a whopping 710% from last year. More »