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-HTC G1 is now officially getting some delicious Android Ice Cream Sandwich!

-Exitium: Saviors of Vardonia is now available in the Android Market for those of you who love RPGs! You ready for the quests yet? More »

-It has been awhile since the Samsung Droid Charge has been listed to get Gingerbread update, and the time has finally come!

-The Kindle Fire and the Barnes & Noble Nook Tablet are both mid-range tablets and are both Android. But why not take a deeper look, perhaps the Nook Tablet might just be better than the burning hot Fire. More »

-The White Samsung Stratosphere will be arriving exclusively to Best Buy for purchase as soon as November 20th!

-Android lovers, don’t forget to install Android 3.2 Honeycomb to your beloved Laptops or PCs! More »

-After the tablets and phones and all that other stuff, Android has now released the new Android-powered bartender named iZac. Remember to leave tips…excuse me, I meant donations.

-An image of the Motorola Droid XYBOARD 8.2 has recently surfaced along with some leaked specs. More »

-HTC Sensation, along with the sweet Beats Audio is now heading our way with its new, white-silver color design!

-Don’t want your kids to be obsessive with Apple? Perhaps the Nabi tablet from Toys ‘R’ Us could do something about that. More »

52% to be exact. According to a new report from ABI research, for all of the smartphones sold in Asia, 52% of them are actually running Android. An impressive statistic, especially when Android only holds 43% of the smartphone market in the US. More »

With all the big, yummy-looking statues outside of Building 44 on Google’s Mountain View campus, it’s hard to not notice them. And looks like after Gingerbread had arrived, Android’s new Ice Cream Sandwich will be joining the line-up. More »

From Girlybubble: Chocolate is said to be a magical type of food, especially with it’s “feel good” symptoms when eaten in reasonable amounts. It seems like those who have a soft spot for the sweet stuff should have a look at the Sharp Q-Pod smartphone, which is powered by Android. The phone will come with a gold color scheme overall, while part of the back, front and user interface looks like it has been dipped and smothered in half-melted chocolate. Mmmmm…

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Nielsen has recently done a recent survey, and had figured out that more people nowadays prefer smartphones over featured phones, and those smartphones sold mostly run the Android operating system. More »

It has been predicted by an analyst house that Android will overtake iOS devices in app downloads this year, which would be a first. These predictions come from Ovum, and they may be some quite good predictions too. More »