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-Looks like ASUS’s Transformer Prime is safe for keeping its name, with the judges favoring it over Hasbro’s Tranformer argument. More »

-The sync service will be shutting down from April 30th for new cloud services, so be sure to download your files beforehand!

-Temple Run has arrived for Android devices at Google Play! …I totaly see the end of many social lives. More »

-Looks like because of all the drool we’ve left over the HTC One S, the Taiwanese company is feeling extremely proud - especially of their ‘Micro Arc Oxidation‘ process used on the device. Check it out!

-All Samsung Galaxy Nexus fans look out! The Case-Mate Barely There Case designed just for your device is on a 32% off deal! More »

-Angry Birds Seasons has been getting some new updates recently, and the cutest one so far is the Cherry Blossom version! Get yours now!

-If you are quite disappointed with the new iPad Apple has to offer, the Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus will be arriving on the same day on Canadian shores as well! More »

Long before Apple’s Siri, there was Google’s Voice Actions. However, Google never marketed Voice Actions the way that Apple did for Siri, causing Voice Actions to not be as well known. Well, Google has strived to change all of that, working on what’s been dubbed as Project Majel, which is said to be similar to Siri. More »

You probably aren’t quite aware of this when you bought the phone you’re using and happily uploaded all those images, but apparently, Android OS - and basically all the operating systems out there (yes, including iOS) - all have the ability to access locally stored photos on your devices. Hmm. More »

-Sony Ericsson Xperia NX is now officially launched in Japan under their biggest carrier, NTT Docomo.

-Samsung now offers a Bobbi Brown version Galaxy S II...along with a matching makeup kit. Who wants one? More »

-BlackBerry PlayBook will not be supporting any of those annoying mobile ads you usually come across on Android apps. Good for you, RIM.

-Get a Samsung Galaxy Note on AT&T for only $299 today! More »

At the same time we have our heads in the smartphone pool of awesomeness, lots of newbies are still joining the fun every single day. And according to the newest study from NPD recently, lots of first-time smartphone buyers all pick Android. More »

With almost everyone in sight holding their own smartphone, Android, iOS or Windows Phone, computers seem to be used less and less these days. And a recent study held by Canalys has just proven that theory to be 100% true. More »