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Companies that are building Android 3.0 tablets are now allegedly holding back on launches because of concerns of low sales and support from Google. Since the results of the Xoom were reported to be “lower than expected,” and the fact that Google’s inability to help partners has decreased their hopes, companies have now decided to wait. More »

You know how with tablets, you can make phone calls to your friends? Well, have you ever considered how awkward it is if you’re video chatting, just holding the tablet in your arms, then having to constantly switch positions? Well, apparently, it has been so for Honeycomb tablet users so you can now buy the ever-so cute Planex Bluetooth Phones, BT-Phone01 that will make these calls easier than ever! More »

XDA user spacemoose1 has recently been working on a build of Android 3.0 Honeycomb for the Galaxy Tab. More »

HTC Desire users and fans, get ready to be excited! Three UK has made an announcement as to when we should expect the Gingerbread update for the HTC Desire. More »

It’s already been announced that HTC’s Thunderbolt would be receiving its own Android upgrade to Gingerbread at “some time in Q2 of this year.” Even if we haven’t received clear details on that yet, many are still curious about the DROID Incredible. More »

HTC’s Thunderbolt will be getting an update for the second quarter of 2011 that will bring Android 2.3 to the 4G handset. That’s HTC’s time table though. Verizon will also have to be cleared before a roll out will commence, but the list of improvements look to really boost what is already a killer Android handset, to be quite fair. More »

Is crunchy AOSP Honeycomb on your hardware of choice? But there may be a bit of a hold up though, as Google will not release the Android 3.0 source code in the near future. Confirmation of it has now been received. More »

Having announced that the Xperia X10 would receive no updates beyond Éclair a couple of months back, Sony Ericsson are now promising X10 owners a boost straight to Android 2.3.3 in late Q2 or early Q3, it has been reported. More »

After much anticipation, on Friday, March 18, the Flash 10.2 update was finally released for Android! Now, all of you who own XOOM tablets can indulge yourselves with Flash on the dual-core tablets, such as playing flash games online or using the Kongrgate Arcade App, which now also supports Honeycomb. There are other features ready to be explored as well. More »

If you’re a Google Shareholder and you’re a bit tight on money, you might want to go ahead and skip through this. Google has once again installed an unnecessarily large statue in commemoration of the newest version of the Android operating system. More »