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The HTC Desire HD on the Three UK, which was not given the Android 2.3 Gingerbread update, even a month after unlocked UK versions had gained access to it, has finally gotten the notice. If you have still not gotten the notification on your phone, just head over to your system updates section and you should be able to find Gingerbread OTA ready for download. More »

According to comScore’s MobiLens report, Android’s market share has grown 5.2% over the last quarter, which is double of what Palm owns. Meanwhile, Apple has only grown 1.2% and RIM, Microsoft, and Palm lost market share. More »

The HTC Desire is probably going to be getting rid of some apps when it switches over to a Gingerbread update, but it seems like all apps will be saying bye. First, HTC said that memory issues would cause Gingerbread to not work and threw away the idea, but now they are entertaining the idea of having Gingerbread on the Desire. More »

Sony Ericsson’s Xperia X10 will feature Android 2.3 soon (in August as a matter of fact)! Well…no surprise there, since most smartphones are being treated to Gingerbread nowadays. But new functions are always worth being excited for. More »

HTC has recently announced via a tweet that it would cut select apps to enable upgrade to Gingerbread. A few days ago HTC Desire users had to hear the bad news saying that the device would not get any Gingerbread update due to lack of memory. More »

Samsung has gradually improved after a bumpy start with Android. The Galaxy S 19000 recently had the Android Gingerbread update and the manufacturer is wasting little time in bringing its top phone the latest Android update. A leak of Android 2.3.4 was discovered on June 3rd for the Galaxy S 1900 but the actual update could be available much later in the future. More »

HTC has continued to tease its latest update for T-Mobile G2 users to Gingerbread. However, since a specific over-the-air date has not yet been revealed, users will have to wait a while longer. More »

Eldar Murtazin from has recently tweeted bad news for Android fans: Google has delayed Android 3.1 Honeycomb until August. The rumor also says that Europe’s models of the Galaxy 8.9 and Galaxy Tab 10.1 are affected. More »

Computex 2011 is well underway and it seems like Android could be using Ti for its next version beyond Honeycomb known as Ice Cream Sandwich. More »

Droid X users still have not been able to upgrade to Android Gingerbread officially. This coming weekend though, a handful of Droid X users will be able to get the official upgrade onto their phones. This update is a sort of ’soak test’ to see how it goes with the phone I guess. More »