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T-Mobile G1 owners might soon be able to retire their aging smartphone. Droid Developer claims to have real pictures of HTC’s soon to be released myTouch2 or myTouch Slide. More »

20,000 lucky Nexus One owners can dock their baby onto Google’s just released Nexus One Desktop Dock (genius naming). More »

My favorite web browser, Mozilla’s Firefox is arriving next month for Android. German website Camp-firefox writes that a beta version of Firefox, Fennec, is nearly complete. More »

By nprussell, VillainROM 1.2 is an Android 2.1 ROM with HTC Sense UI enabled for the Hero. HTC is not releasing a patched version of 2.0 until March, and there is no word on 2.1, so VillainROM 1.2 is the only way to experience Eclair 2.1 on your GSM Hero for now. CDMA versions (Sprint and Telus) are not supported. More »

I was unimpressed with the supposed screen capture HTC’s Supersonic running Android 3.1 on T-Mobile’s network, but these newly released photographs of the actual device have me agog. Some Polish bloke has published a better shot of the Bravo as well, this time with the phone turned on. More »

Walmart Wireless is listing the Google Nexus One as “Coming Soon.” This could be a good strategy for Google to showcase its phone to a much wider audience, as opposed to…none. More »

HTC expected a tough 2009. In the last quarter of 2008, unconsolidated revenues were NT$47.38 billion but then dropped significantly the next year: 2009 Q3 revenues were only NT$34.01 billion but rallied to a healthy NT$41.08 billion in Q4. More »

Moving forward, Android will require not merely continued app support but also gaming, which makes up a large portion of Apple’s App Store profits. Google is taking a more concerted effort to focus on games. By partnering with Game Developers Conference, Google hopes to bring Android to gamers and vice versa. More »

Android Developer Lab is embarking on a tour that kicks off on February 4th in Austin, Texas and covers Europe and Asia. During the dates, the developers will showcase the latest Android builds and allow attendees to play with new hardware too. More »

Hindsight has a way of embarrassing analysts. Take Doug Anmuth (Barclay Capital) who predicted that Google would “move 5 to 6 MILLION Nexus One Handsets in 2010.” Despite the Nexus One’s inability to capture the consumers’ hearts, Google’s first smartphone is still one of the most important in Android history even though it is not an “iPhone killer.” More »