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At one time, Dell’s Mini 5 was thought to be just another tablet netbook, but last week, it was confirmed to be the world’s largest smartphone. With a 5 inch LCD, the Mini 5 is rumored to be a T-Mobile and an AT&T Android 2.0 (or 2.1 or above) phone that - all options included - could sell for upwards of $1,000. More »

Amazon Germany has already listed the HTC Desire for pre-order at €419, although no actual ship date has been declared. Reports are that in Britain, O2 and T-Mobile UK are going to carry it in March, while Vodafone will be responsible for offering it to other Europeans. More »

Formerly known as the “Bravo,” the Desire was publicly demonstrated by HTC, and it is a wonder. Technically almost identical to the Nexus One, the Desire, with its 3.7″ AMOLED (800 x480) display and 1GHz Snapdragon processor will be available in Europe around Q2. More »

…and it is a beauty that is carved from a single piece of aluminum like Apple’s unibody MacBook Pro (my favorite computer). The Legend’s design is something to behold, but under the hood, it is magnificent too, including Android 2.1, HTC Sense UI, AMOLED, and so forth. More »

Kind of lost in all of the hubbub of Mobile World Congress busyness - and criminally so since this is a promising looking phone - is Acer’s second big Android smartphone, the E400, which uses Android Eclair 2.1 and is a mere 12mm thin. More »

Mobile World Congress –Huawei announced 4 Android smartphones, the highlight being the U8800, which is a powerhouse 3.8″ Android 2.1 unit with the world’s first HSPA+. The company also showcased three budget handhelds: the U8300, U8100, and U8110. More »

In addition to showing Flash 10.1 on an HTC HD2 (Windows Mobile 6.5) and the Nexus One, Adobe hopes that AIR will allow easy cross-platform integration with so many different operating systems powering smartphones. More »

With a customized UI reminiscent of Samsung’s own Bada OS, the i8520 is scheduled for Asia and Europe in Q3 and has great technical features like Android 2.1, 3.7″ AMOLED, an 8Mp Camera, and a Pico projector. More »

Just ahead of its expected unveiling at MWC, the HTC Legend is sizzling right now. Today, some more pictures of it have been released. This time, the Legend is shown in a line-up with its HTC cousins. More »

Even though Acer’s Liquid is in many ways inferior to Google’s Nexus One, the former has been a hot commodity, while the latter has barely had a sales pulse because Acer’s phone is actually much cheaper when import taxes are imposed. In the States, the Nexus One is $529, but getting one in the UK costs around £440 after VAT and other fees. In contrast, the Liquid can be had for as little as £333.70 with VAT. More »