When it comes to Android phone commercials, Verizon’s Droid X surely takes the cake for being super flashy and stunning. The latest commercial for the Droid X is no exception. It starts off with a white collar man at his desk checking out his phone. Once zoomed into his face, you notice that he might very well be an actual droid because his skin is transparent enough to reveal droid features. Then his eyes get crazy. See what I’m talking about below: More »

A e-mail alleged to be from HTC has some titillating details about the much discussed Droid Incredible. HTC might be prepared to release a major upgrade to the Incredible that includes Android 2.2 FroYo and a slew of fixes and other updates. The race amongst Android smartphone makers for 2.2 has begun in earnest.
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The critically acclaimed Kick Ass failed to draw huge audiences at the box office, but based on the nature of the film’s hard R rating for insane violence and vulgarity, it was never made to be Titanic. When Lionsgate drops the Blu-Ray on August 3rd, iPhone and Android owners will get a special bonus.
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- Yet another Chinese iPad knockoff surfaces called aPad — it runs on Android OS!

- Yelp’s Android app is reportedly thisclose to hitting the one million downloaded mark– we rate this bit of news 5 stars!

- Christmas came early this year — the update for Motorola’s Droid X includes a handful of efficiency fixes.

- HTC Columbia cycling team is doing a great job at the Tour De France, a Google sponsorship would be great!

- Apparently, not all Android apps are free. Not in Korea at least. More »

When Apple held its press conference to address the iPhone 4’s antenna issues (Antenna Gate), one of the phones singled out by Steve Jobs was the HTC Droid Eris, which can be seen as dropping significant amount of signal when “death-gripped.” HTC has responded.
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If you’ve run into the problem of cluttered app space, Ghostify is your solution. Ghostify is an app that keeps your most frequently used apps visible and puts the ‘once-in-a-blue-moon’ apps in ghost mode making only the most used apps visible on your phone. Ghost mode simply means that Ghostify will uninstall the apps you don’t use often and leave a link to the Android Marketplace listing for you if you feel like using the app again. It can also leave a link to a live folder that holds the apps you don’t use. More »

An internal inventory screen capture of the HTC Desire for Telus Canada suggests that it will cost $79.99 with 3-year contract. By comparison, Telus’ other Android offerings are the Motorola Backflip at the same price and the Droid/Milestone for $149.99.
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From Ziggytek:
Once upon a time, cell phones were simple radios that allowed two people to speak to each other. Today, smartphones include voice calling almost as an afterthought, and manufacturers load their top models with so many features that the phones could conceivably replace their owners’ cameras, music players, and netbooks. Motorola’s Droid X is off to a rousing start, as it excites gadget geeks and smartphone lovers across America. Find out why Verizon’s latest Droid might be the greatest of them all.
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Bump makes sharing apps, contacts, pictures and music as easy as bumping phones. To use it, both users making an exchange need only to open Bump, then select the item to be exchanged and then…bump your phones. It sounds violent, but it’s not so crazy. Here’s a video on how it works: More »

From Ziggytek:
As a long time Craigslist user, I am thankful for the free service that the site provides. Having complete many transactions, I, naturally, have encountered more than a few oddballs and louts through the site. The “WTB” advertisement showcased here is an example of a buyer stooping to a whole new level of idiocy in a pathetic attempt to get a Sony Ericsson Xperia X10.
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