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Copy Paste It is a new app that is guaranteed to change your Android-using experience forever. Like the name suggests, it’s a simple copy and pasting app, but the way it copies and pastes is blow-your-mind away amazing. Basically, it takes a screenshot of your current screen and then allows you to select the text that you want to copy, kind of like cropping a picture. It then saves whatever you’ve copied onto the clipboard for further pasting needs. The interesting part is that it even lets you copy the words on images! More »

Comcast has recently announced that it will be launching an Android DVD/ Home App for Comcast subscribers. The app allows subscribers full control over their DVR from virtually anywhere. Say you just remembered your favorite show was on but you’re nowhere near your DVR to set it to record while you’re gone for the day. With the app, you’ll be able to record the show from your phone! You can also manage your list of recordings and browse what you have. In addition, you’ll be able to hook up your mobile phone to Comcast’s direct phone service. More »

If you’re lazy car owner or live in harsh climates, or plain hate carrying keys, the Viper SmartStart app is definitely for you. The app can start your car, lock or unlock it or pop the trunk for you even if you’re away from your car. Definitely ideal if you hate hopping into a cold car or hate waiting for the engine to warm up. Or if you’re like me and you lose keys often. Of course the catch about this app is that you have to purchase the accompanying Viper SmartStart system, which will need to be installed into your car. More »

An Android wallpaper app which collects an user’s information, such as voicemail number and phone number, and sends it to a server in China has been downloaded millions of times, according to a researcher from Lookout, a mobile security firm, who also released the following at the Black Hat security conference: More »

Ever heard of Clicker? Well, this tool has finally made its way to the Android phones. Clicker is a very handy tool on your computer that can search through the web for streaming video sources to let you watch and that all from one place! More »

We can finally add TIME’s newly released app to the list of news outlets who have already made their way to the Android market. The magazine/website’s award-winning content is now available to read for all the global Android smartphone users! Speaking of content, this popular magazine’s app is still there in its entirety, including photos, lists, quotes, video clips and more with features like: More »

Wifi Analyzer is an app that lets you search for all nearby Wifi channels and then helps you choose a less crowded one for your wireless router. Three words –Oh. My. God. Whoever invented this app is genius.

How many times have you stopped in the middle of the street wondering where there was Wifi connection? Personally, I think this app is super-helpful, even to the average non-techy user. More »

The FlightView app is a traveler’s best friend. FlightView allows Android users to organize trips, track individual flights, check weather for other 900 airports and more. If you’re a hardcore traveler, it even goes the extra mile of organizing trips, rentals and hotel information. A widget also informs you of any foreseen delays. More »

No, BlindType is not a typing app for the blind but, it could very well be as it claims that accuracy is not required to type. In fact, you don’t even need a visible keyboard on your phone to type. BlindType actually recognizes where people often touch on a screen and provides a corresponding letter! More »

Gmote is an app that’s pretty much a gift to the lazy (or tech savvy) as it helps your Android phone act as a remote control. Have you ever been tired sitting in front of your PC the whole day? Or have you ever needed your PC in the kitchen, or even in the bathroom, or just want to sit comfortably on your couch, browsing your files? There’s just one problem: Your desktop PC is not portable and Gmote recognizes that. More »