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From the name to the actual app, LauncherPro is a new and improved version of your everyday home screen app, Android Launcher. Every Android phone comes with your default window customizer, but LauncherPro offers so much more. With up to seven home screens, animated screen previews, super-smooth scrolling, an app drawer, and so much more—it’s no wonder so many people upgraded to the paid version, LauncherPro Plus. More »

Today’s App of the Day, Yast Calls, is a service to keep your call logs organized. It saves the data of your call frequency and duration. This Android app is quite useful for lawyers, advisers, tech consultants and other professionals, as the call can also be assigned to a project or a person. For now the log can be accessed at, but the developers are currently working on a feature that lets you access the logs on the app itself. More »

The Night Stand app is what we’re going to talk about today. I’m sure all of you ever had a time where you simply wanted to smash your alarm clock against the wall, when it went off with that oh-so-annoying alarm sound. The Night Stand app turns your phone’s screen into a gorgeous digital clock display with four customizable themes. This clock can be viewed with your phone in both portrait and landscape mode. This clock is definitely a must-have for anytime you need it, anywhere you may be. More »

If you’re a Twitter fanatic, you must have TweetDeck on your desktop, but more than that, you must know that it’s now coming to your Android phone as a public beta starting this week. Don’t have TweetDeck? Well, you can’t call yourself a Twitter fanatic, now can you? More »

Are you a fan of FML? Well let me introduce MLIA, codename for My Life is Average. Remember those facepalm feel-better-about yourself posts FML provides? Well MLIA is pretty much the same, except it’s filled with stories about how our lives are…well, average. Its slogan, and you better remember it, is ‘Life is pretty normal today.’ More »

Today’s App of the Day is Shazam Encore, which is one of those apps that when you first try it, it blows your mind. Have you ever been in a situation where you heard a great song somewhere and was dying to buy or add it to your personal library back home, but unfortunately didn’t know its name? Shazam Encore’s your solution as it can actually recognize unknown music. Even humming is no match for Shazam! More »

Pandora Radio is the online radio to go to for all your customized music listening needs–and now it’s available for you to stream on your Android! For all you non-Pandora users (by the way, shame on you), Pandora is amazingly simple to navigate. Just start by entering your favorite song or artist, and Pandora immediately starts creating a radio around that bit of information. More »

Today’s Spotify app is dedicated to all the music lovers out there. Spotify is basicly Android’s very own version of the iTunes, but all put in just one handy app. This app gives you free and instant acces to browse over 8 million tracks, share music, read your favorite artists’ biographies and so on. More »

YouMail, the popular alternative to Google Voice, has recently announced in a press release that they have updated their Android App. YouMail is basically a voicemail app and goes by the slogan: “Get through your voicemail fast!” For the everyday businessman (or just a really organized person), it is now faster and boasts more functionality. What functions? More »

StarCraft II is currently one of the best selling PC games of all time. Why not have it on your Android phone? The StarStats app lets you view information on different StarCraft II units, view StarCraft II Youtube videos and allows you to pit any two units from the game against each other to see who would win…in real time! You can download the app via this QR Code: More »