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As one of the only reasons that one would still consider to get a Blackberry, the BBM has been exclusively made for the RIM devices - until now. According to TechnoBuffalo, the BBM service has once again been spotted running on Android. More »

-The HTC One S dummy units have now arrived at the T-Mobile stores, though the launch is still impending. More »

Samsung has recently revealed the prices of its latest Galaxy Tab and Galaxy Players series. More »

Toshiba’s upcoming Excite 10 tablet has recently been spotted at the FCC with more details. Like its brothers Excite 7.7 and Excite 13, the Excite 10 is a high-end Tegra 3 tablet with 1GB of RAM and it will run on Ice Cream Sandwich operating system. Though it will not come with an AMOLED panel but a 10-inch LCD screen with a standard 1280×800 resolution. More »

With the partnership between Monster and Beats Audio ending this year, it seems HTC handsets will not be bundled with Beats headphones or earbuds anymore. The partnership between HTC and Beats has been highly touted, but unfortunately Beats will be left without a manufacturer by the end of this year. More »

-LG has announced the fact that they might be releasing a ‚Äúthinking smartphone”. More »

Samsung has been trying to claim the “idea rights” for flexible screen displays by constantly reminding the public about their new concept, and now they’ve taken a step further - they even named it. Youm, that is. More »

Lenovo has revealed its newest tablet titled the Lenovo IdeaTab S2109 officially through a short promotional video that has provided many of its specs, though without further availability information. More »

If you weren’t too crazy over the carbon blue or ceramic white color choices for the Samsung Galaxy Note before, never fear, because a new option has arrived. Though it may not be for everyone, a very eye-catching “Berry Pink” shade has just launched via Samsung in its home country of South Korea. More »

Instagram for Android has recently received yet another update, this time with tablet support. Besides on Android tablets such as the Transformer Prime or Galaxy Tab, the app now also works on WiFi devices like the Galaxy Player. More »