The good thing about being in Korea when getting Samsung, or being in Taiwan when getting HTC, is the fact that you get special goodies once in awhile that makes the rest of the world drool to death. This time, it’s even worse, because what HTC is offering to its home country is a brand new variation of the HTC One X: the One X Deluxe Limited Edition.

As suggested in the image shown above, the device will be coming with a pair of Solo Beats by Dre headphones, which alone costs about $179. The whole set costs about 24,900 New Taiwan dollars, which is around $842. Sounds expensive, but when you think it through, it’s actually an okay deal if expensive headphones are what you’re looking for.

According to ePrice, pre-orders are up on March 20th in Taiwan. No words say about launching it in other markets, though, there isn’t really any difference between the phone’s specs anyways.