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Though it hasn’t officially arrived yet, that hasn’t stopped US Cellular from announcing their upcoming offer on the new Samsung Repp. Coming in as a new option for those looking at a mid-range smartphone, it’s going to be “free” (with that standard contract) when it does drop. More »

Firefox fans will be happy to hear that Firefox 8, the latest version of Mozilla’s popular mobile browser, is now live in the Android Market. More »

And with what Rogers has to offer, they really want you to have a Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 for this holiday season. Starting today, they’re offering it as an add-on for free or a discounted price alongside your qualifying purchase. More »

Today’s app, Solitaire MegaPack, is a great game for those who are fans of some solitaire for their free time, with all kinds of different features and games that satisfies your gambling needs. More »

A bit of disappointment has come to some T-Mobile users and their Samsung Galaxy S II. Now the Super AMOLED Plus display that is used in the phone is suppose to be one of the absolute best that’s available on the market, but imagine the fallen expectations when T-Mobile users are seeing differences on their phone compared to Galaxy S II phones on other carriers. More »

- With some of them already out an shining, perhaps the super long list could be the new HTC Code Names?

- Seems like HTC Edge is ready to show its brilliance. You ready? More »

According to a Sprint informant, the Android 2.3/Gingerbread update that was suppose to be included on the Samsung Epic 4G from its debut, is now finally arriving…tomorrow! More »

Today’s app, Need for Speed - Hot Pursuit, is one that challenges your speed and race with others–and the time–in order to successfully escape. More »

For those who are bored with seeing dark or neutral shades as the options of choice for tablets will be happy to hear that the 7″ Iconia Tab A100 from Acer is now offered in a bold red. Well, it also looks like pink in this stock photo…but close enough to red. More »

For those who are a fan of photobooths and the cute photos, the new Photobooth app is something to check out. Debuting as the new creation from Clarklab, the app works as a real-life photobooth, just on your phone. With simple everything is set up, it can easily be a contender for your new favorite photo app. More »