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Designer Andrew Bell is back again this year to bring a themed Android collectible that will surely have you in the festive spirit. Instead of Halloween, it seems like he’s planning something even more special for Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead) instead. More »

Today’s app, Guns’n'Glory, is for all of you who have wondered what it was like in World War II. Well in this game app, you’ll get a chance to fight with your troops in a huge battle…without the actual dying part, of course! Get ready to experience some awesome fun with bazookas and grenades along with all the defense-action strategic excitement. More »

HTC and Dropbox has recently made an official announcement regarding the partnership between the two in order to bring new storage experiences for Android users. More »

- Here are the leaked press photos of the HTC Rezound also known as the HTC Vigor.

- Check out this thorough review on the HTC EVO 3D. More »

T-Mobile recently sent out a memo to inform managers and employees that another “All Hands Day” is set for November 19th. More »

From Ziggytek: Apple’s iOS and Android have been battling in for a while to see who tops the app download charts. And it seems that Android that taken the lead! More »

Today’s app, Tiny Flashlight + LED, is quite simple yet incredibly useful. It’s an app that uses the LED of your Android device’s camera as a flashlight. This app is perfect for any dark situation in which you need a strong light on something. More »

Silly Android developers. Though it’s good to know that those at Google have a sense of humor like anyone else and are prone to fall under the charm of the Nyan Cat influence. More »

From Ziggytek: Sony is planning to make its platform available on other non-Sony devices, Sony Computer Entertainment, which is what Chairman Kaz Hirai stated. More »

- Here’s a guide if you’re wondering what exactly are ROMs for Android.

- The popular sports game app Flick Soccer is now available for Android devices. More »