HTC has just released news on their latest new smartphone: the HTC Rhyme. It’s quite a decent name, and quite some cute designs. The only problem is that it looks a tiny bit too girly - or at least that’s what some say.

The device sports a 1GHz processor, a 3.7-inch display, 4GB of built-in storage, Android 2.3. All those for a price of $199. Sounds quite nice for me, that is, if you aren’t a hater for a pink-ish colored case AND the special-designed accessory, which is an LED charm that shines a great shade of purple whenever a call or message arrives.

However, the device still has some pretty sweet stuff along. It includes a fresh user interface, which makes it the first HTC phone to use the latest version of the famous Android skin: Sense 3.5. It allows the users to customize the home screen along with the icons, new designed widgets and more.

I don’t see how the color is such a big problem, to be honest. It looks quite cute in my eyes. So if you are a Verizon user that doesn’t mind having a purple phone with the weird LED charm, be sure to pick one up on the 29th of September.


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I guess it’s a little girly… but if it was another color, would it still be? I think it looks nice though…

it looks cool

The only thing girlish about it is its purple color, but its stated there are other designs

Nah, it doesn’t looks so ‘girly’ to me at all. It’s just the color, that’s all. It’s not even the bright pink, purplish pink isn’t girly. I suppose guys can use this too. I like the color though. Too girly stuffs doesn’t suits my taste xD
There’s LED on the charm? Now, that I like! smile Sounds good to me.
Thanks for sharing!

awwwwww how cute ..
i love the color so much .. it’s girly ..
but not too much girly .. not pink ..i can’t see how the color is a problem .. it’s not pink or something . purple is not exclusive for girls raspberry ~ ~ i think i would still love it if i were a guy too ..
the purple is so cool ..
it also look so thin ~

thanks for sharing this one Jennifer ^^ ~ it’s my favorite so far :D

I like the color too

Alteil - 09/23/11 11:12 pm

Must be the color. But I actually kind of like it.

ahah yeah I like the color too xD

Must be the color. But I actually kind of like it.

haha not bad! i kind of like it!...but im a girl so i guess in my eyes its awesome but in boys....