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HTC is dominating the Android market, but its ambitions doesn’t stop there. Recently, they announced a partnership with Beats Electronics, which is why we will be seeing an AMAZING promotion happening at Best Buy. More »

Androids from HTC having Gingerbread updates are no surprise, but what about NFC capabilities? (a common use for NFC is making credit card payments with only your phone) The new HTC Stunning is the new mobile that will have NFC features…sadly, the phone is to be launched in China only. More »

- The official blog for the Beats by Dre headphones blog has announced their partnership with HTC.

- Here’s a little widget, Moogly, featuring a nice to-do list. More »

Today’s app, Burn the Rope, is a game where you simply burn a lot of rope, but then again- it’s not that easy. There are a few catches within this fun and addicting game. First, the fire only burns upwards so make sure you tilt your Android device to keep your flame burning. Second, there are annoying bugs that react differently for each kind of rope. This can either help you or harm you because it determines whether or not you can burn the rope. Have fun flaming up those ropes! More »

Dancing Pixel Studios has recently developed the Sixaxis Controller app, which lets you play games with either a Sixaxis or DualShock 3 controller on a rooted Android phone. The app is available for $1.67 at the Android Market and all you have to do is follow the instructions provided by the developer. More »

- Here’s a nice deal: the Toshiba Thrive 16GB is on sale for $405 if you use the $75 off coupon privded by Digital Etc.

- Here’s a nice app: the Star Rebellion game on tower defense by Gracesoft. More »

Motorola has recently announced on their Facebook page that they have started releasing the Android 3.1 Honeycomb update for Xoom tablets in Europe. Apparently the update will be released in stages, but it is unknown which countries will get it first. More »

Today’s app, Hangman Free, is a game app of the game I’m sure you’re familiar with, Hangman. It’ll challenge your vocabulary with it’s fun stages and you’ll be left playing for hours. Guess for the word until your stick man meets an unfortunate end. If you don’t feel challenged yet, change your difficulty stage and you may change your mind. It suits all sorts of people including children, teens, and adults. It’ll also suit your preferences with categories like animals, food, geography, and holidays. Most of all, it treats the students quite well with the SAT and TOEFL options. Try your best to save the stick man and learn at the same time! More »

The new Android watch I’m Watch by Italian company Blue Sky is now available for pre-order for $350. It is powered by a Freescale IMX233 CPU and it connects to a cellphone via Bluetooth. More »

- Check out this fun video of MetroPCS hanging out with a dancing Android character.

- Here’s a video review on the Jambox by Jawbone which may become your new favorite accessory for your Android device. More »