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With many going crazy over the HP TouchPad’s latest price cut, most stores seem to be out of stock before you even get in the door. Not to mention all the sellers that bought multiples to sell at 3 to 4 times the $99 price tag. Instead of dealing with all of that, you might consider the X10 AirPad, a Gingerbread-powered tablet that can be yours for just under $200. More »

Today’s app, Dragon, Fly!, is a simple yet incredibly fun game! As the main player, all you need to do is make your dragon slide and fly over the hills in this awesome one-touch game. When dragons are first born, they’re not too good at flying but they refuse to lose face and are determined to travel the hills! So start training your dragon through sliding up and down the hills, once you’ve built the right momentum, just take off and launch into the sky. Don’t forget to be fast though before Mama Dragon gets angry! More »

In the latest phone accessory trend, the lovable Android mascot has been shrunken down for you to carry on your phone. With most smartphones nowadays, the headphone jack is usually left uncovered when not in use. This is where Droid-kun comes in as a headphone jack accessory to plug it up cutely when you don’t need it. More »

- Check out this leaked roadmap that reveals the launch dates of some of AT&T’s most wanted.

- Netflix now works on the ASUS Eee Pad Transformer after its quick maintenance update. More »

Today’s app, Spirit HD, is a retro-inspired game filled with mayhem! It’s incredibly fun and easy to play, you just need to slide your finger and the Spirit will copy your movements. It may sound boring but give it a go because you may eat your words! While controlling your awesome spirit, you’ll also be protecting it from multiple types of enemies and make sure to blast them into oblivion by distorting space. Although it’s easy to play, it’s quite to difficult to master controlling the entire system. Have fun! More »

Research in Motion Ltd. (RIM) is probably seeking some sales boost of its Blackberrys, as it has been reported that their next-gen models might run Android apps through the new QNX software. The QNX phones are expected to be introduced in ‘early’ 2012. More »

From Ziggytek: For all of you Verizon users who were hoping to switch to the Samsung Galaxy S II when it came out, here’s a bit of bad news for you: Verizon has confirmed that it won’t be carrying this highly-anticipated phone (that has also been touted to be one of the best smartphones ever created…). More »

- India has just received the Galaxy Tab 10.1 (AKA: Galaxy Tab 750).

- If you’re learning your way through the ropes of Android, here’s almost 20 hours worth of tutorials, have fun! More »

Today’s app, Vlingo Virtual Assistant, is the app for those who are sick of pressing buttons! This app allows you to command your device in any situation just by speaking to it. So think of it as your own virtual assistant. It will quickly respond and obey your command. Say things such as “Text Bobby; Where are you?” or “find nearest theater” or you can even say “update Facebook; I’m driving!” There’s tons that this app will loyally do for you. So now you can do whatever you’d like without taking your hands off of the wheel! More »

Google has announced that they have closed the Android Market developer support forums on August 22. The forum is now a dedicated place for user issues and discussion only, which is quite an unwanted news to developers who have used the forums to report issues with the market as well as seek assistance from each other. More »