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Today’s app, Capital One Mobile Banking, makes your bank account management a lot easier and faster! Just set it up and log in to your account. With this app you’ll be able to swiftly pay your bills, transfer funds, check your balances, find ATMS and branches nearby, view your rewards, view your transactions and contact customer service. You also don’t have to worry about the security of your bank account because this app is sworn to secrecy on that! So, why does managing your account have to be so hard? It doesn’t. More »

Yes I know I should not be complaining, and the quality of this picture really isn’t bad at all! But it seems like we’ve been seeing a lot of “pieces of work” from Mr. Blurry Cam (even the name sounds sketch) nowadays, and there’s no exception for the HTC Ruby either. More »

Froyo, no, not FROZEN YOGURT. Recently, news have been leaking onto the internet about the Samsung Continuum using Google’s mobile operating system, Froyo (a very special update indeed). More »

Last week, a few leaked images on Motorola’s DROID Bionic were going around on the net. This week, we have some newly released FCC documents containing all the info we need to know about the phone! More »

- The Capital One mobile banking app has finally made its way to the AndroidMarket.

- Samsung’s TouchWiz update is set to release for everyone on August 5th. More »

With no information on the release date or pricing info, the wait for the Galaxy Tab 8.9 is getting quite unbearable for some Samsung fanatics. More »

Today’s app, Waze: Community GPS Navigation, not only gets you where you wanna go but it also connects you with the other drivers of your community. It includes a voice that provides guidance through their text-to-speech skills. You’ll receive road reports that are real-time updated so you won’t waste any gas driving too far. There’s more to this app than that though, Waze allows connection between drivers so everyone is updated with traffic information right away. The app is completely interactive and best of all, it’s free! So keep yourself and others updated on the road. More »

A recent study by research firm Canalys has revealed that 48 percent of the world’s smartphones are running Google’s Android operating system, followed by Apple’s iOS with 19 percent. This big gap between both platforms is primarily because Android is available on much more products from many of the major smartphone manufacturers such as Samsung, HTC and Motorola, while iOS is ony available on Apple’s iPhone. More »

From Ziggytek: We all know how there are “blue state/red state” divisions in America, but recently a map showing a “North vs. South divide” in the battle between Android and iOS (or better known as Apple) phones. More »

- Texas Instruments are set to receive their Ice Cream Sandwich (Android 4.0) update, and needless to say: they’re excited!

- There have been some mobile threats towards U.S. users, so beware! More »