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We know that not everyone can afford a Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 and the chances of everyone interested in the tablet getting to test out the tablet before the final purchase is pretty impossible. Because of this, Samsung is now offering an online simulator of the tablet that lets you play around with all of the tablets features online instead of physically in-hand. I am sure most people would still rather have the actual tablet but you take what you can get. More »

Today’s app is a game called Grow. Typically in games, you’d be the controller who would target their enemies and such by killing them right? Well in this game, it’s not much different. You’ll be eating them instead of causing a bloodbath with your bullets though. The point of this game is for you to raise a fish by feeding it. A lot. Your goal is to dominate the aquatic food chain! Your habitat will start small at first, then you’ll be explorer the big areas of the deep. This game is composed of 64 levels of 7 environments, 2 difficulty modes, control options, power-ups and more! Just be sure to eat a lot! More »

- The HTC EVO 3D has now been released: here’s what you need to know.

- More zombies are invading Android through the app Zombie Farm. More »

We recently released an article about the HTC ChaCha, also known as the ‘Facebook phone’ and how it was still not set to debut through any U.S carriers. Good news, that has changed and it will be sold through AT&T as the HTC Status. The availability date and price have still not been announced though. More »

OnLive has recently released its OnLive Viewer app, which lets you watch people playing on OnLive. Unfortunately, the app is not available at the Android Market, as it is only released for the HTC Flyer. More »

- If you’ve been on the Android Market lately, you may have noticed the updated version of rating your favorite and hated apps.

- LG is hoping to release some details on the G2X Gingerbread update in a few days! More »

Today’s app, Real Simple No Time to Cook?, is for all of you who are too busy to be in the kitchen or just lack skill in that area. With this app, cooking will become a lot easier for you! It consists of 850 dinner recipes that are easy to create and don’t take more than 40 minutes to prepare! Of course, if you’re an awful cook you’ll need more than just recipes. Real Simple No Time to Cook? also provides grocery lists (which allow you to swiftly move down those aisles), how-to videos, step-by-step instructions, and kitchen timers per step! It’s a fantastic app to keep around! More »

MP3 speakers can come in many shapes and sizes. They could be shaped as cute objects, random cartoons or in this case, the Android mascot. These speakers are unofficial but if you love the Android Mascot, why not get one. More »

The HTC ChaCha has still not been released by any U.S phone carriers, but it is confirmed that it will be released by Telus in Canada and will go by the name of the HTC Status. No price or launch date has been set as of now but when it does come out, it will be available in purple and black. It also comes with Android 2.3 and the Facebook app which is what it got it’s name from. More »

- Be excited because T-Mobile’s Samsung Gravity Smart is definitely packed with goodies!

- A survey suggests that the Samsung Galaxy II will have more sales than the Droid Bionic. More »

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