AC Nielsen recently conducted a survey, which revealed that smartphone users are hungry for more Android and want to see more Android out in the smartphones world. This has been a surprising result from 10 months ago, as now currently users prefer this Bot over the iOS and RIM phones. 31% want Android, 30% want iPhones, and only 11% want the RIM-based phone.

Also not surprising - Android dominates the market with 50%, double Apple’s share and thrice as much as RIM. Both Nokia and Microsoft are stuck in the single digit zone. RIM, however, has reason to worry as more and more corporations are switching over to Android thanks to its open source capability. Apple isn’t too worried, though, because Apple has basically induced an Apple crazy fever. Those iPhones aren’t going anywhere anytime soon.

With more dual-core Android phones and tablets, there’s no stopping this massive juggernaut from slowing down.