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Droid X users still have not been able to upgrade to Android Gingerbread officially. This coming weekend though, a handful of Droid X users will be able to get the official upgrade onto their phones. This update is a sort of ’soak test’ to see how it goes with the phone I guess. More »

Today’s app, Who becomes rich, from PinguLab tests the knowledge of all you braniacs out there! Like the game shows you watch on TV, you’ll be answering random questions from all types of categories. Although you don’t win money, this could build you up to get there! You can also compete with your friend as you compare scores. And if you’re feeling like the game isn’t nearly as challenging as it should be, send in your own questions! More »

From Ziggytek: Last week, a few teaser photo’s of ASUS’s newest device were released offering a few shots of the device before it makes its official debut at Computex 2011. It goes by the name of the PadFone according to Pocketnow who shared the first pictures of the device. Yesterday, Pocketnow actually posted new photos of the mysterious device. More »

- Could it be that Honeycomb actually has a Gingerbread UI hidden somewhere inside of it?

- Check out some of the photos for the keyboard for the new Galaxy Tab 10.1! More »

It’s official - the Samsung Galaxy S II has just passed the 1 million mark for units sold in Korea (in just one month!) and simultaneously become their fastest-selling smartphone. One million in a month equals out to about 1 every 3 seconds. More »

The T-Mobile G2x has been gone from shelves for quite some time because of high demand, well more like quality concerns. As of May 27th, the phone will have a $50 markup and cost $249 after rebate. An internal screenshot, which is seen below, shows that it is because of supply constraints but the markup up is just a bad move if you ask me. More »

Good news, one of the top contending Andoid tablets to beat out the iPad finally is up on Best Buy. The Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 with details is now on The bad news is, it is only under the ‘coming soon’ button. You can’t order the tablet yet, but at least some confirmation to what has already been found out about the tablet is now out in the open officially. More »

Today at Computex 2011, ASUS is expected to reveal a mysterious new device that will “breaks the rules” and be a phone and tablet at the same time. Another update reveals a recent US and Europe trademark filing for the name “Padfone.” There may possibly be a connection here… More »

Leaks, they always appear especially if a number of people can’t wait to get their hands on some new goody. You have to fill their craving somehow and what better way than getting the actual program they have been waiting for. More »

According to famous Russian leakster Eldar Murtazin, the HTC Mazaa, as seen above, can shoot RAW pictures with a 12MP camera. The leaked HTC Windows phone 7 handset is being called the Mazaa by Murtazin so it could be wrong. More »

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