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Amsterdam now seems to have been completely invaded by Android smartphone, a gigantic green Android smashing a grey car leading the way for an “Android Week” at Phone House, a Dutch retailer. It took place on Toernsluis – right next to the Multatuli statue. More »

LG has revealed on their Facebook page that the LG Optimus One could possibly be getting a Gingerbread update this Spring. The exact date is subject to change, but it is planned for the update to be available in the Android Market by the end of May. Although past LG updates could be made by users themselves, there may be issues with the Gingerbread so the way of updating will likely change this time. More »

Last week, a first potential look of the HTC Pyramid emerged out from no where. It’s your opinion on whether it was a render or not, but now, we have more evidence of the HTC Pyramid being reality. Here’s the picture that was just leaked, showing it next to its HTC Desire HD sibling. More »

If you are looking for a new phone and are considering the Samsung Galaxy Ace, you might want to check out this review video by phoneArena. Priced at around $350, this Android smartphone is a nice combination of price and features. It is powered by an 800MHz Qualcomm processor and it has 278MB of RAM. It kinda looks like the iPhone 4, with a 3.5-inch display, a 5-megapixel camera. More »

This quote is basically a summary of what well-known smartphones producer HTC has to offer: “There are some types of product design where you can focus very narrowly on a particular group and develop the ideal product for that particular person. That’s not generally the case with the kinds of products that we’re building at HTC. They’re products that need to appeal to a huge number of different kinds of people, so we’re trying to sort of understand the broad spectrum of people and look at all the different extremes and the kinds of things that those people do, essentially build tools for those people to create their own experience on our phone.” . More »

Feedly works with your Google Reader to bring you your RSS updates in a visually-pleasing format that is reminiscent of a magazine-like overlay. With its clean design, you’ll be able to read pleasantly and catch up on your news wherever you are. More »

- The Ouku Tab is only $124.99, boasts a 7-inch screen, Android 2.1, and integrated webcam among other specs that make the price a pretty good deal.

- Specs and a possible real model picture of the HTC Pyramid surface and it sounds like it might arrive with Android 2.4/Ice Cream! More »

Flip are feature phones are the main things revolving around Boost Mobile phones. Motorola i1 is one of just a few example of choices for Android phones. But an upcoming device from Samsung could come along to Boost. More »

Little is known about the upcoming Casio G’zOne, with no official details revealed. However, there are rumors that the GzOne will run on Android 2.2 Froyo, have a 5 MP camera, be built with military specifications, and come with an 8 GB micro SD card. In addition, the OS will include a button to sync social networks and a collection of tools for various outdoor activities. Also, it was said that the Android phone will be able withstand an abusive environment, like the outdoors. Check out the pictures below! More »

SportsTap is an especially handy app if you’re a fan of more than one area of sports. Providing you with up to date (and past if you missed any) game scores, league standings, and even news bits. There’s also a LocalTap feature that lets you check out local scores for teams in your area. More »