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Honeycomb is an operating system meant for tablets only. However, Joe from managed to add this operating system to the Nexus One, which is an Android smartphone. At first, it took a while to reboot the phone and set up everything. In the end, Honeycomb was successfully installed on the Nexus One. One bad thing about it was that since Honeycomb is only compatible with tablets, it was hard to see it work on the Nexus One. Nevertheless, check out his video below. More »

Sony Ericsson’s exec claims that the Xperia Play is “cooler than iPhone”. No prizes for guessing that it was David Hilton that came up with this speech. This April, the Xperia Play will finally be released. You’ll be able to decide for yourself. And the UK exec said that the Xperia Play is likely to cost “the same or probably a little bit less” than the iPhone 4. More »

T-Mobile has recently uploaded a promo video of Carly introducing their new phone Samsung’s Galaxy S 4G. Their Galaxy S phones have been pretty successful already and from the looks of this one, the success should continue. The phone is mostly for entertainment and is “T-Mobile’s fastest phone” as it includes fast Youtube video loading and streaming live TV. To top it all off, the phone is already preloaded with the phenomenal film, Inception. More »

US Cellular may be one of the less popular phone services but they will certainly receive much attention for their ‘buy one get five free’ deal that has launched and will remain valid until March 10th. If you’re looking for a good family plan, you can guy one phone and receive five other ones for free such as purchasing the Samsung Mesmerize and getting 5 free LG Optimus U. This deal also depends on which phone you choose though. More »

Both having a dedicated Facebook button, the HTC Salsa, along with its sibling Android smartphone, the HTC ChaCha, were named the “Facebook Phones.” This unique button helps enhance the phone experience through HTC Sense user interface. More »

The HTC ChaCha, the full QWERTY keyboard version of HTC Salsa, runs on Android 2.3.3 with a 2.6 inch screen resolution and a 5 megapixel rear camera with LED flash accompanied by VGA front-facing camera. Both Android smartphones, the HTC ChaCha and HTC Salsa, are known as the “Facebook Phones,” because they each have a Facebook button. More »

Recently Verizon has released a teaser of their Motorola tablet, the XOOM. In the video a man apparently grabs the tablet and is trapped in this Transformers-like capsule. To explain the idea of this teaser further Verizon added some words, ‘Grab it, and it grabs you.’ Hopefully this tablet does affect us so greatly. More »

After building up the excitement, Sprint has finally unveiled their mysterious new phone. The first CDMA Windows Phone 7 will be available on Sprint beginning next month. The phone, known as the HTC Arrive or the HTC 7 Pro, will be the first WP7 device to run on a CDMA network. It has a 3.6″ WVGA display, and also includes a slide-out QWERTY keyboard, which follows Sprint’s current trend of releasing keyboard toting smartphones. More »

Use Quick Cite to easily gather the bibliography information for a book that you are using. Just set the formatting style that you want, snap a picture of the book’s barcode and have a complete citation entry sent to your email. More »

- NTT DOCOMO adds three new smartphones to their line, alongside recent offerings for pre-orders on the LG Optimus Pad tablet.

- Verizon sets up a notification page for Xoom users to receive word when a 4G LTE upgrade will be available. More »