On February 24, Verizon released the first ad for Motorola’s Xoom. The new ad focuses on the devices abilty to play the game Vendetta.

In the ad, a man grabs the tablet and is taken away by a spaceship, where he begins to play the Vendetta app. The voiceover highlights some of the Xoom’s main points: 1 GHz dual-processor, 3D Graphics Engine, a gyroscope, and a widescreen high definition display.

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LOL what a cool ad!
thanks for sharing

hahah,.LOL,. really cool ad!!,.. spaceship,. kekekeke
thanks for sharing :D

great ad. thanks for sharing!

this looks so cool!! XD
thanks for sharing~

that’s cool! thx for sharing!

This tablet looks totally cool! XD The commercial is pretty cool too! So futuristic! Thank you so much for sharing.

whoaaaa that is such a cool ad :O i wanna ride in that spaceship too!!

it’s a pretty good ad.. :D

Woow, first ad? This tablet looks pretty nice so far, compared to the other tablets. It’s awesome playing games on a tablet! It’s so weird but I want to try to play on a tablet, instead of using a mouse you use your hand.
Thanks for sharing!

This tablet looks so cool. I wanna get one.

offtopic: dang, he’s hot! LOL

but anyways, i think this is the best tablet so far!

wow motorola really knows how to make great commercials~ the xoom looks really bigs :O i want it >:3

the tablet’s pretty big and this is a longer cf than the teaser that was released earlier!
i wouldn’t mind playing games on this ^^
thanks for sharing!
btw i think there’s something wrong with the image because you can see the coding on the front page