The HTC ChaCha, the full QWERTY keyboard version of HTC Salsa, runs on Android 2.3.3 with a 2.6 inch screen resolution and a 5 megapixel rear camera with LED flash accompanied by VGA front-facing camera. Both Android smartphones, the HTC ChaCha and HTC Salsa, are known as the “Facebook Phones,” because they each have a Facebook button.

The button allows you to instantly upload photos onto Facebook. This feature also allows you to let your friends know what song you’re listening to by simply pressing the button while listening to music on the phone. The phone will be available across major European and Asian markets during Q2 2011.


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thanks for sharing smile

ooh reminds me of the blackberry...except the buttons are spaced out more. looks nice ^^ thanks for sharing!

it looks somewhat similar to the blueberry
thanks for sharing

htcberry? hmm.. the facebook button is like not really necessary to me..

whoaa it looks almost like a mini mini laptop that doesn’t fold XD

ooh,. it looks,. mmh.. nice,..
kinda wide
thanks for sharing!

ooh, well, im a facebook freak...well, was… before i found out about XD col phone! thanks for sharing~

wow, it looks similar to blackberry huh~~ thx for sharing!

wthahalolz - 02/25/11 10:42 pm

Yeah it reminds me of a blackberry. I dont like phones that are too big though

yeaah it reminded me of the blackberry too!
I want this!

Yeah it reminds me of a blackberry. I dont like phones that are too big though

haha so big! a phone just for facebook! not really for me though but the phone is really nice! kinda looks like a blackberry
thanks for sharing!

The phone looks pretty cool...but I don’t think I would get one. HAHAH...Chacha, what a cute name. Thank you so much for sharing. =]

facebook button!
this one looks a lot like a blackberry though xD
i love these names ! chacha makes me wanna do the chacha~
thanks for sharing!

Wooow, a button JUST FOR FACEBOOK? That’s awesome.
Thanks for sharing!! :D