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Verizon announced the release of the Samsung LTE 4G Galaxy Tab at CES, and from the looks of it, everything is pretty much the same as the old Galaxy Tab. There were two changes, however. It has 1.2 GHz Hummingbird processor and an LTE chip. The LTE chip is used to connect to Verizon’s 4G network. There was a slight twist in terms of appearance, but other than that, it’s pretty much the same! We hope to see more info about this device soon. More »

There has been a lot of confusions regarding this topic, and finally all the rumors were put to rest because Matias Duarte, head of user experience at Android, confirmed that Honeycomb WILL be the next Android operating system after Gingerbread. Honeycomb will work not only on smartphones, but also on tablets, printers, and yes even clock radios! More »

A lot of spiffy gadgets were showen at CES this year, and Sharp also showed off their new smartphone called Galapagos, which has a 3D home screen named “Naked Eye 3D.” You can turn it on and off as you wish with a single tap, and of course… you DON’T need an eyewear to use this phone. In addition to the 3D screen, it comes in Android 2.2 Froyo and 3.8 inch display screen. Check out the preview video below! More »

Have your phone do more with the DroidCam Wireless Webcam. It works over your network’s Wi-Fi to have your computer recognize your phone as a webcam option that you can select. Just set up the streaming program you want to use and you’re set. More »

At the recent CES 2011, an Android tablet was claimed to be an iPad knock-off sporting the same hardware design as the device. At the back in the middle, instead of an Apple logo it featurs a little Android. In actuality, the device does not function very well because it only has three physical buttons - power, back and menu with Search and Home buttons missing. More »

- A quick look at the Samsung 4G LTE smartphone impresses with the power it’s packing.

- Beam your home TV to your Android phone with the Volkano Flow and Volkano Blast boxes. More »

Ustream has now teamed up with Verizon to offer their services for every Verizon 4G Android phone. This will be the first time that Ustream will be available for mobile phones. More »

At the recent CES 2011, Marvell revealed an Android tablet that sparked the interested of many. The Android tablet has the ability to stream movies and play games without any wires on a HDTV. More »

Enspert recently announced their plans to bring the Identiy Tab to the US to go up against the Apple iPad. Electronista had to chance to try many devices including the E201, E301 and the S200 home phone hub. More »

From Ziggytek: The PlayStation Phone that Sony has been keeping under wraps seems to be feeling a bit fidgety. Chinese news sources have recently released pictures of the rumored device, giving us a clear look at what it looks like and how it sizes up with other mobile devices. More »