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- The EVO Shift 4G makes its appearance in Best Buy’s inventory with a price point of $150 (with contract) or $550 (without).

- Try your hand at creating your own apps without having to be a professional developer with Weezaap. More »

Space: The final frontier. This is the voyage of the little Android icon, and its mission with Google to go up into space, to collect information for the new Nexus S phone. To boldly go where no Android has gone before. Really! I just couldn’t help myself from saying that! Collecting data for this new phone, they have documented Android’s travel into space. What amazing footage they got in return! Watch it below. More »

We were not supposed to know until CES 2011, but now the secret is out: Dell’s new tablet will be named Streak 7. More »

For users of the Google Nexus S Android phone, they might have noticed that the device does not contain an SD card slot. To help users understand the transferal of files from a computer to a Nexus S device, the GoogleNexus Youtube account has uploaded a video Tutorial. More »

The world’s very first dual-core CPU phone, the LG Optimus 2X, is already known to be heading for its home country, Korea in January. Now, January will also see the device going across to Europe as well. More »

It was only two months ago that Samsung announced that they wanted to sell of 10 million Galaxy S devices in 2010. The idea seemed almost laughable back then, but now it has come to light that a whopping 9.3 million units of the device have been sold, and it seems that Samsung are very close to their goal with only a week left in the year. More »

Much attention is being taken up by the World Lens App (”Google Goggles meets Google Translate in Photoshop) that started capturing attention last Friday when it was said that it was heading for the iOS. Its developer, Quest Visual have been asked a big question: will the app head to other operating systems other than iOS? More »

In a recent teaser video for the CES 2011 tablet, Motorola tried to take a crack at insulting the iPad by saying it is only like a giant iPhone, but sales are so great, so is that such a bad thing? More »

We’re still unsure as to exactly when Android 3.0 Honeycomb will be released, and the only timeframe we can officially confirm is “next year”. DigiTimes have dropped the hint that the new Android update will come in March, before the releases of MSI’s Tegra 2-based tablets in April/May. More »

The Droid 2 R2-D2 edition has now lowered in price by a whole fifty dollars! Now you can purchase this with contract for a total of $200! What do you think? I can hear the Star Wars fans cheering with joy. More »