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Pandora Radio is the online radio to go to for all your customized music listening needs–and now it’s available for you to stream on your Android! For all you non-Pandora users (by the way, shame on you), Pandora is amazingly simple to navigate. Just start by entering your favorite song or artist, and Pandora immediately starts creating a radio around that bit of information. More »

Recently HTC Desire HD and Desire Z have been added to the database of Vodafone Germany. It seems the rumor about the release of Desire HD will come true after all. Both of those new HTC smartphones will launch soon! More »

From Ziggytek: Acer has released yet another Aspire One notebook, but its not just any kind of notebook. You can boot this one up to run either Windows XP or Google’s Android OS. It was revealed at Taipei Computer Applications Show this week and is currently the only place available to get your hands on one. It’s currently available at the show for $300 but the List Price will be $375. Acer has not yet announced when it will officially be available in the market. More »

A blurry picture of the Motorola MB508, also known as Sage, has recently been leaked. It is known that this phone has a slide-out physical keyboard, and according to the photo, it also seems to have a little trackpad on the front. We don’t know whether it is really a trackpad, but we’ll see when there’s more information released about this device. More »

This is surely an update you wouldn’t be able to resist to download, if you have an HTC EVO 4G. Just until some time ago Sprint offered this alluring update with features for download, but of course HTC had to do something with it and now the download link is not available anymore. But certainly there’s still a copy of it somewhere out there. Here’s the official list of features from Sprint you would get with the update: More »

Today’s Spotify app is dedicated to all the music lovers out there. Spotify is basicly Android’s very own version of the iTunes, but all put in just one handy app. This app gives you free and instant acces to browse over 8 million tracks, share music, read your favorite artists’ biographies and so on. More »

Dell still hasn’t spoken any words about the official release date of the Dell Streak, a fusion between a smartphone and a tablet, yet that doesn’t stop them from their love of teasing its eager customers with some Dell Streak advertisements! More »

An unknown device that goes by model number ADR6325VW has been floating around on the Internet lately, as it was discovered on Verizon’s inventory system a couple of days ago. The only thing that is known is that it’s an HTC phone and compatible with the same charger the Droid Eris and Droid Incredible use. More »

Nielson data shows that Google’s Android operating system has outsold Apple’s iOS in the first half of the year 2010 by a mere margin of 27% to 23%–in the U.S. market, that is. These results more or less coincide with the data of the first quarter (when Android had 28% of smartphone sales compared to iPhone’s 21%). More »

-The best thing about the Internet? You always know what’s up and happening–like these leaked pictures of the HTC Paradise and HTC Fiesta.

-If you’re one for numbers, put this one in your noggin–around 200,000 Android devices are activated every day, that’s 1.4 million per week!

-The world’s lightest Android phone, Motorola Glam, was just launched in South Korea. Disappointed? It should be hitting a store near you sometime in August. More »