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It seems you can really purchase everything from sites like eBay or Craigslist. Recently someone has been reported to be able to purchase two prototype models of unannounced HTC Android based smartphones on Craigslist: HTC Paradise and HTC Fiesta. More »

Today’s App of the Day is Shazam Encore, which is one of those apps that when you first try it, it blows your mind. Have you ever been in a situation where you heard a great song somewhere and was dying to buy or add it to your personal library back home, but unfortunately didn’t know its name? Shazam Encore’s your solution as it can actually recognize unknown music. Even humming is no match for Shazam! More »

While we’ve given you some information about Motorola Droid 2’s specs some time ago, this phone has recently been spotted in Verizon inventory. Right now the warehouse has 6610 units available, but most likely this number will increase soon. Verizon hasn’t officially announced its release date yet, but we already know that this new phone with slide-out QWERTY keyboard is set to be launched this Thursday. More »

Many rumors have been floating around the Motorola Droid 2 lately. A fews days ago, an internal document from Best Buy was leaked, revealing Droid 2’s launch this upcoming Thursday, to be exact - August the 12th. More »

Arguably AT&T’s best Android phone to date, the Samsung Captivate is now available for only $49.99—with a two-year contract, that is. If you already have an individual contract but not a new AT&T customer, you can get it for $99.99, which is still a lot better than the original price in AT&T stores ($199.99, by the way). More »

Both Samsung and LG, famous handset manufacturers, have turned to an interesting source to perfect their phones. Both companies have hired design professors to help improve their devices’ user interfaces. Samsung has hired a certain Jung Ji-Hong as vice president of its Mobile Design Group. Mr. Ji-Hong’s resume includes being a visual design professor at Kookmin University, located in Seoul, Korea. Not to be outdone, LG has also hired Lee Kun-Pyo to be their executive vice president of Design Management Center. Similarly, Mr. Kun-Pyo was formerly the dean at the Department of Industrial Design at the Korea Advanced Institute of Science of Technology. More »

Although many people complain that Droid X should have just been released with Froyo, well, those people can quit their yapping because it’s happening. Thanks to an accidental slip by a Motorola employee, Droid X users can rest assured knowing that their phone will be getting a Froyoupdate sometime beginning September. More »

Robert Stephens, CTO of popular electronics store Best Buy, recently tweeted a few pictures of a new RocketFish branded tablet. Amazingly cool, right? Too bad it’s just a hollow prototype for now, as it lacks internal features. Just last month, Stephens had tweeted that they were working on an Android tablet with a front-facing camera and running Froyo (hello video chatting). Unless my detective skills are wrong, we can only assume that the above pictures show the first prototype for said tablet. More »

With all the Android 2.2 buzz going around (aka Froyo), it’s no surprise to some that the LG Ally might also be going Froyo. Yes, I know what you’re thinking–but aren’t all the Android phones going to go Froyo eventually? What’s the big deal? Well, it’s kind of a big deal considering the LG Ally is just your average mid-range phone. Thank the gods that Verizon and LGhaven’t forgotten their middle babies, eh? More »

Thanks to AndroidGuys, we can now share some exclusive photos of a new yet-to-be released HTC/Verzion world phone running on Android software, which has been spreading around the web like fire. This phone though, will not be released by Verizon till 2011. More »