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A name has yet to be confirmed on HTC’s latest phone, it is down to a composer and a painter, and while I enjoy Mondrian’s artwork, I am a huge Mozart fan; I think that for a phone title Mozart just sounds classier! But that is not what is important right now, recently some photos have been leaked to intrigue our curiosity even more on this anonymous product! More »

After much anticipation, it looks like Verizon and Motorola has finally begun releasing more news on the Droid 2 R2-D2 edition. A poster next to that demo unit at the Star Wars-themed Celebration V convention in Orlando says it’s due to arrive on September 30. This new Droid 2 is based on the model of the robot R2-D2 from Star Wars and will feature exclusive Star Wars content. More »

Business software company Oracle has chosen to file a lawsuit against Google for infringing on seven patents and additional copyrights related to Java, which Oracle had acquired earlier this year. The issue revolves around Google’s usage of said open-source community in their Android smartphones. More »

From the name to the actual app, LauncherPro is a new and improved version of your everyday home screen app, Android Launcher. Every Android phone comes with your default window customizer, but LauncherPro offers so much more. With up to seven home screens, animated screen previews, super-smooth scrolling, an app drawer, and so much more—it’s no wonder so many people upgraded to the paid version, LauncherPro Plus. More »

A new Android phone by Sony Ericsson is going to be introduced soon, most likely in October. What’s so special about this new device is its small slide-out D-pad instead of the typical QWERTY keyboard. It seems to be made especially for gaming fans. This black phone is reportedly to run Gingerbread aka Android 3.0 and it will have a display between 3.7 and 4.1 inches with WVGA or better resolution. More »

Back in April we’ve reported to you about Dell’s smartphones, including the Dell Thunder. Recently some photos and a short video of its prototype have just been spread out through Engadget. According to the test model, this device supports Android 2.1 with a 4.1-inch full touch-screen, which is likely to be an OLED one, and 800 x 480 resolution. It has an 8 megapixel camera, with its ability to record 720p video, and a removable 1400 mAh battery. More »

Today’s App of the Day, Yast Calls, is a service to keep your call logs organized. It saves the data of your call frequency and duration. This Android app is quite useful for lawyers, advisers, tech consultants and other professionals, as the call can also be assigned to a project or a person. For now the log can be accessed at, but the developers are currently working on a feature that lets you access the logs on the app itself. More »

No one wants scratches on their phone. The best solution is to get a Clear Screen Protector! Durable like a case, but without covering up your phone and its features. This Clear Screen Protector is perfect for your HTC Aria! It acts as a sunscreen — not like the lotion to keep your body from burning but it protects you from those glares that make it hard to see what you’re doing. It also protects from scratches and smudges, and it improves clarity. More »

The original Droid after nine months of continuous sales has literally hit it’s max! Not only is it now out of stock, but this smartphone that has earned its place in technological history, has now found itself the pocket-media icon of the newest Pepsi Max commercial. See for yourself; watch as the Droid steals the show by delivering the punchline. More »

You will think HTC Droid Incredible is literally incredible, right after you hear of this amazing survival story. A user from Android Central forums reported his experience of having his phone on fire. It happened on a night on the beach with a nice bonfire. It was all good until he realized that the fire somehow caught his phone. More »