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Women’s magazine Cosmopolitan recently released a Sex Position of the Day App for Android. Why am I not surprised. This app comes with easy-to-understand silhouette visuals and Cosmo’s own difficulty ratings, cleverly christened ‘Carnal Challenge.’ The higher the flames, the more difficult the move. More »

-Come mid-September, HTC is expected to release their latest models, Vision and Ace, in London. Those lucky Brits.

-What’s different with the Samsung Galaxy U? Loads. Check out this link for all its specifications, revealed.

-The HTC Wildfire is flaming hot, especially in red. More »

Old tattered pics are becoming more and more the rage nowadays. Retro Camera is an app that lets you achieve that olden feel using a modern method—technology. With four film cameras to shoot with, you have four different effects at the touch of your fingertips, not including a random frame with each pic. More »

Android seems to be having a sweet tooth for codenames, and that sweet tooth is only getting sweeter. As a recap, I’m sure we all remember these wonderful past released versions that are reminiscent of a kindergarten book, right after the jump. More »

American pop musician and actor Justin Timberlake is known for being a BlackBerry user, but when he tweeted this on Twitter for Android, he caught the attention of many Android geeks and Justin Timberlake fans alike. More »

Back in April, a leaked image of some unusual Motoblur-skinned slider running Android 2.1 made the rounds. Well, it’s back, and this time - as you can see pictured above - with a possible name and carrier: Motorola Chindi and AT&T. Also, a 3.1MP camera and a bright orange-yellow back can be spotted. However, not much else is known about the device, neither as its release date. More »

-According to a report from DigiTimes, Android device shipment worldwide might pass 55 million. Whew, that’s a lot of phones.

-Rumor has it that the new Motorola Android tablet will be christened the Stringray. Let’s just hope the price doesn’t sting as well.

-An HTC Desire HD has popped its head into and out of Amazon UK. Whether it was real or not, we don’t know, but it sure has the HTC community in a frenzy. More »

Miso has improved by releasing an application that brings television and movies to the tip of your fingers. It allows users to associate Twitter and Facebook naccounts to the app for sharing favorite shows via check-ins. You can also earn points and badges as you go along. More »

Time to welcome a new addition to the Samsung Galaxy S family, the Samsung i909. The Samsung i909 is the only smartphone in the family that has both GSM and CDMA/EV-DO connectivity. The only downside is that the Samsung i909 is unlikely to be released globally. The i909 is destined for China Telecom. More »

It’s not the first or last time we’ve seen smaller companies change their approximation, especially if a big name like Google decides to set a step in your territory. Unfortunately, it seems Vlingo has become the latest victim as Google has recently released the Voice Actions app, very similar to Vlingo’s $10 Vlingo HQ app, but for free. Immediately hereafter, Vlingo responded to this announcement by also offering its application for free. More »