Heads up, the Motorola Flipout pictured above will probably be reaching your local AT&T sometime in the near future. Although this phone can’t hold a candle next to some of its bigger and better Android cousins, you shouldn’t rule it out entirely from your list. To catch what’s new about this shiny blue phone, make the jump.

Firstly, it runs Android 2.1 (it’s not Froyo, but it’s pretty close) as well as an updated version of Motoblur 1.5. We also hear that the phone itself is pretty high-end in terms of build quality, but as it’s not meant for the high-end market, the 2.8” screen is said to be “garbage.” Since it’s also AT&T, don’t expect any sideloading apps, either. Overall, not the best of the best, but hey, some people don’t want that fancy mumbo jumbo. For more features, go here.