Sony’s premier Android smartphone, the Xperia X10, has been reaching reviewers across the globe, and so far, the judgments are highly mixed.

Slashgear has a lukewarm verdict for the X10: “not too bad” is not a ringing endorsement. The keyboard also “missed screen taps.”

Engadget criticizes the X10 for its “jerky” interface in spite of having 1GHz of power. Ziegler, echoing Slashgear, says that the plastic used feels cheap compared to the Nexus One. Sonically, the headphone out-put produces decent sound, but the bass, like most smartphones, is rolled off, and Sony has not included Walkman software, so users are stuck with Android’s terrible music players with no equalizer to compensate for the lacking bass. The 8.1 megapixel camera is good though.

Phone Dog does not like the on-screen keyboard, the laggy interface (corroborated by all other reviewers) and Android 1.6. The screen is also erratic and unreliable.

GSM Arena laments the X10’s mediocre “audio quality” and overall old operating system. More fixes and polishing are needed for a “promising” phone.

CNET’s 3.5/5 rating puts the X10 in the run-of-the-mill category, not brilliant but far from terrible.

Phone Arena offers a different perspective, commending the “great build quality” and the “robust…plastics.” However Android 1.6 with the customized Sony “UX interface” is bloated and can be very sluggish. For messages, there is no QWERTY landscape mode, though this will probably be fixed when Sony officially releases the unit. The camera’s image quality is superior to the Nexus One/Droid, but video capture is only “satisfactory” and does not come in 720p. Phone Arena actually believes that the X10 produces clear sound with plentiful bass. Battery life and call quality are also very good.

Whom do you trust? Phone Arena concludes that the “Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 is one of the best Android handsets today,” but Slashgear and Engadget disagree. I would normally side with Phone Arena, but many of the X10’s flaws are evident (Android 1.6, slow interface). The only general consensus is that the camera is above average, and that the phone has potential. Excepting Phone Arena, no one is putting forth a strong recommendation for the X10.

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There’s still hope for this unit because many of the complaints are software related and can be fixed.

*sigh* Oh, Sony Ericsson… I think I’ll stick to my X1 for now.