Hot on the heels of ARCHOS 7 Home Tablet’s announcement, the Kogan Pad is purportedly going to be $200 and runs Android, Linux, and Windows (although the latter will be dropped due to price). Kogan is the same company whose Agora Android smartphone is still vaporware.

Speaking with APCMag, Kogan demoed a prototype of the Pad, which has the following specs:

- 800 x 480 Touch Capacitive LCD (the prototype had resistive)
- ARM 600MHz processor
- 512Mb RAM
- 2Gb Memory
- HDMI Output

The unnamed Pad is supposedly able to run full HD video, and Kogan claims that his company could immediately release it if it wanted to. Given that the $179 Home Tablet has virtually identical hardware, I would rather invest in a device from a well known company like ARCHOS.

Source: APCMag